Vamping it up

Hi Beauties
It is already Friday Yay, but has the week gone? Feels like yesterday sitting watching
X Factor and thing o no not Monday in the morning.
So I wanted to chat about Freedom London Makeup’s Vamp collection lipsticks.
As you know I own far to many lipstick, NOT lol and always on the look out for a good lipstick at
a bargain price. Well once again Freedom has brought out 5 lipsticks for £5.00.
There lipsticks are £1 each to start with so no you are not saving any pennies buying into this box,
but what is great is they put together 5 lipsticks they believe work together.
So why Freedom lipsticks?
Well here’s why, they do some good colours, being sister company with Makeup Revolution
means a brand you can trust, prices are beyond brilliant, especially when you realize how good the
product is. Not too long lasting but for a £1 last longer than you think.
I already own the red collection and a few single one’s, so when they brought this collection out I jumped at
the chance to own it.
The vamp collection came out before Halloween and you can see why, it is 5 lipsticks all in dark colors to
vamp up your Halloween makeup.
Vamp Noir and Intense Noir.
Vamp is more of a red/brown and intense noir a purple but on the lips it is almost black, which at 1st scared
me lol I love my dark colors but have never ventured to black, but I actually love it and is my favorite out
of this collection.
If you didn’t have the pictures near each other you could swear they were the same lipsticks but they are not.
The red is a softer red and really works well on top of the dark purple. These 2 as a set are a perfect pair.
Again the purple comes up darker but this time not as black as the other and because of this it is easier to add
other colors to mix it up.
Last but not least dusk till dawn. Mauve lipsticks are my favorite at the moment, just like my nail polish lol
a lovely purple and red tone with a hit of pink thrown in.
This works well on its own but also found mixed with other colors works really good too 🙂
So weather you buy individually or in the collection you can’t go wrong adding these to your collection.
On average I say they last around 4 hours on my lips before they need topping up.
Colors are not just Halloween perfect but definitely Autumn and winter colors too.
Also with it coming in it’s own box what a perfect Christmas present for someone.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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