My week in a blog

Hi Beauties,
What is going on? I feel like I just moved my bottom from this chair to write last weeks my week in a blog.
Not much happened this week 😦 I have been writing lots of blogs as you probably know because you have been
reading them or have you?
I am a little upset with my traffic this week, I am thinking maybe doing blogs every other day is too much,
I am going to try posting every 3rd day and see how the traffic is then.
I love how when I get a like it’s the beautiful people that read mine all the time and I am so happy when I see
their names pop up on a like (you all know who you are)
What else I lost 1 and 1/2 lbs this week.
Bought lots of Christmas presents. Me and daughter had a nice day out yesterday,
went to Starbucks and had toffee nut latte omg it is to dye for, my daughter loves the caramel chocolate frapachino
no caffeine. Then I took her clothes shopping for her Christmas clothes bundle. Because she can now get into small adult clothes it gives us more options on what to buy which means we spend more time looking lol.
Children in Need was on Friday night, we do love this and every year it;s a tradition of ours,
kick the boys out, grab our pillows and quilts and jump on the settees and thats where we stay till
we wake Saturday morning.
We normally have takeaway and snacks too but I changed it a bit this year and made pizza toast,
which I really do like and ok it’s not a real Pizza but it definitely a lot healthier lol.
A few little snacks and we had a great evening.
I had a couple of samples from La Roche that I can’t wait to try and then review. I have also been doing the
15 day challenge on Instagram which has been real fun to do and I want to do more challenges.
I will be doing a blog next week on all the pictures posted from that Challenge.
This afternoon I am going to do a video what’s in my basket, I thought I would take up the challenge
of using only what is in my basket each week, this way I can get some use out of makeup I forget I
own lol. It also gives me a video to post on a Sunday and then I can post mid week with other videos.
So we will see how that goes.
My CRB came back this week and now just waiting for Essex Council to give me the go a head
to start work fingers crossed it is this side of Christmas, because it felt like a life time when I went for the
Have a good week Beauties and I will catch you in another post.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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2 thoughts on “My week in a blog

  1. Eh, don’t focus too much on blog stats. I have some weeks where it’s low, some weeks it’s high but I do absolutely nothing different in terms of how often I post. Just depends on what is going on with other people (school, holidays etc). Post as often as you want!
    I haven’t started Christmas shopping yet eeeps! I need to get started… need IDEAS.

    Liked by 1 person

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