15 day beauty challenge

Hi Beauties
I wanted to share with you what I have been doing in the last 15 days ( well my case 17 days lol)
The beautiful Bellereneebeauty on Instagram set up this challenge
for anybody to get involved in. Simple rules each day post a new photo of what was on that day, the hashtag # bellereneebeauty.
At 1st I thought this will be easy but it actually wasn’t because it made you think, think about your best Goldie travel essentials ect, but it was fun and I got to chat to new people about products.
This was my 15 days of photos.

Urban decay matte lipstick.                               In a rush essentials.
Excuse the photo I thought it would
be fun to do duck lips lol.

Oldie but goodie                                        Travel Necessities
This got me thinking because I have a few oldies that I swear by, but these two came out on top. Well my travel essentials are all travel size and I didn’t realize till I got them out lol

My favorite lip liners                             Foundation and brush.
I chose Nyx and Illamasque lip liners as I find these two colours go with most lipsticks. Estee Lauder double foundation was a must and this brush is from Primark and the best stipple brush I have owned. It is also the cheapest at £1.50 that’s a bargain.

Festive Perfume                                         Fav palettes.
I don’t have a festive perfume but when I thought about it I always seem to go back to Gucci black this time of year and my favorite palettes are both by MakeUp Revolution. Mermaid and death by chocolate.

Go to nail colour                         Swatch fest.
Morgan Taylor is a beautiful nail polish but the colour is my favorite. No
matter what time of year, if I get nail colour block lol I will always go to mauve colours. Swatch fest well yes this was a bit poor for swatches but
I love these colours and I love lipstick swatches so why not.

Underrated                                   Best product release.
I think N07 fanomenal and n07 intense lashes are so underrated, these
are my holy grail and I love wearing them both together. This has made me laugh because I had a message from Bootsuk on Instagram say ~yes back to them so they can use my picture. I then findout when you click on the picture on their website it brings a picture of me up OMG not only that they sent emails out about 3 for 2 offers and there I am, me in an email o dear lol.
Benefit real cheek party tin in my opinion is the best product to come out
right now because for the price £30 is is super cheap for the amount and variety of products you get.

Fall Candle or uk Autumn candle.                Hair Essentials
I recently wrote a blog on Village Candles and yet again it is here 🙂
This candle smells so sweet but at the same time it is almost a baking in the kitchen scent which always makes me feel like Autumn. Village candles have so many beautiful scents it is hard to choose. I have bought more since my review and off back there next week to buy more.
Hair essentials has to be jasmine oil I love how it replenishes my hair and makes it silky soft. Moroccan oil from Avon is also a must have as it helps to keep that soft shine for longer and VO5 helps with my frizz.
wpid-wp-1447775897427.jpg Last purchase I made.
This came out about 3 months ago and I have been dying to get my hands on it. Finally it is mine lol. W7 cheek palette. I do like W7 as it does some really nice products at really affordable prices. I have not got round to using this yet but I know it is going to be one of those go to products.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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