My week in a blog

Hi Beauties

Sorry I have been missing in action half the week.
I have been trying to get into the dentist as I have broken a tooth and I am in agony šŸ˜¦
Not sleeping through the pain which in turn is giving me migraines, so I have been catching sleep where I can, so not been up to doing anything and that includes the housework lol.
My 13 year old daughter was off school for the 1st 3 days this week poorly, then me.
I went to slimming world and lost 1/2lb and was very pleased with that, but didn’t stay to group and I have to say I have missed that this week.
Yesterday we went out for the 1st time in a week for a bit of fresh air, we popped into boots and bout 3 Christmas gift sets because it is 3 for 2 at the moment. I am almost finished buying presents for everyone, but still haven’t wrote my list lol, there is so much out there this year that I keep seeing new things and thinking should shouldn’t I put it on my list.
Had a funny encounter a few days back, I woke to being tagged in a facebook comment, it was from a makeup group I am in. Last week BootsUK put a message on my Instagram regarding the mascara’s (my holy grails) and said if I #yes back they will use my picture for the gallery.
Well that morning one of the ladies opened her email from boots regarding the 3 for 2 offers and my mascara picture was there but not only that when you clicked the picture my Instagram picture comes up, so my face was in thousands of emails, I could not stop laughing and laughing and yes laughing.
I am also behind with my youtube videos because talking has been too painful that I have not wanted to do them, so this week is catch up week on all my blogs and videos.
I don’t have much coming up this week so it will be a good chance to get the house as well as myself back up and running.
So there you have it a pretty boring and painful week with just pretty much nothing in it lol from just an ordinary person šŸ™‚
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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