My Makeup Collection

Hi Beauties
Finally been to dentist today and ouch my mouth is sore, but on the upside the tooth is sorted. I had a little nap earlier and now I can get this blog post done yay 🙂
So this blog post is a little different, it is more pictures and no reviews. I have been asked a few times to do a my makeup collection video for youtube.
My collection is nowhere near as big as a lot of makeup obsessed junkies but it is mine and pretty much all purchased by me.
Now as most of you know I love doing my blogs and thought while I am making part 1 part 2 ect videos I can share the pictures here.
So this is my messy dressing table lol, I was so busy that everything is just all over the place.
I love this dressing table as it is so old fashioned but with 1 annoying thing, it is not white and everything else is lol. We went out to buy me a white table one day and stumbled across a charity shop and this was in there and we paid £50, yes just £50. I knew I it was mine as soon as I seen it.
It does have a fair few scratches on top but every so often we use a colored wax to blend them in.
As you can see in the corner that is where I film.
To the left of the picture is my unit with my nail polish collection and to the right is my perfumes and blushers/highlighters.
Now storage I still haven’t worked out but right now I am happy with the set up.
These are my eye shadow palettes and they are in a wire basket that sits great on top of my dressing table.
I did a cluttered before hand so now I have rooms to fill lol. Also excuse the toes.
I have all my loose/pressed powders, primers and foundations in one drawer.
11148809_1681396262146747_2988668768180840082_n Single eye shadows and pencils in the middle drawer as this is a very thin drawer but perfect size for lids from my subscription boxes lol.
Another drawer has my eye brow products, then eye liners, mascaras and concealers with the odd eye primers.
11216578_1681396128813427_7066361493635676008_n This is my favorite drawer lol all my lipsticks. I want to get some more of the lipstick stands so they can all stand 🙂
I forgot to take a picture of my lip liners but they are in a large glass jar on top of dresser.
This little unit I made from an old unit and painted it. These are most of my perfumes.
And lastly my blushers and highlighters. I have used this storage for both my nail polish and lipsticks but ran out of space and now has these beauties in it.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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