W7 Cheeky Trio

Hi Beauties
no weekly blog this week because well I have done nothing but be in pain again.
I visited the dentist Tuesday by Wednesday I was back to full blown pain again.
So this is my next blog.
Meet the wpid-wp-1447775897427.jpgW7 Cheeky Trio Palette.
This 1st came out about 5 months ago and I fell in love with it straight away, but could I find one nope 😦 Then they started to appear online but the prices had been bumped up.
I decided I would put this on my wish list so paying that little bit more at Christmas would justify this lol.
Well no that didn’t work because I was out at slimming world and feeling a little down that I took myself off for a walk and low and behold I came across it, so yes I snapped it up very quickly for the low price of Β£5.99 πŸ™‚
Now W7 have brought a lot of what people call dupes of high end products, this time I feel it was trying to be like the Sleek palette, but I will say straight away it may come across that way but it is definitely not anywhere near Sleeks strong pigmented products.
1. Dream Machine. Bronzer
2. 5th Avenue. Blush
3. Hot Stuff. Highlighter.
Ok so I think what makes this palette so appealing is it is in a tin to start with but then the ripple effect on the products really jumps out at you.
But I feel even though it looks pretty the ripple doesn’t help when you are using it, because it is hard to swipe your blush brush across.
Not great pigmentation but can be built up, lasts a good few hours but not a palette to use if you don’t have time to touch up on the go.
The highlighter as you can see from the picture is the weakest of all 3 but is ideal for those that are just stepping into highlighting.
Blush is a lovely peach tone with a hint of pink over tone.
Bronzer, now I do worry with cheaper bronzer’s because you tend to find they have an orange undertone, but not this one, it is a light brown almost creamy brown if that makes sense with no orange hint at all. This is great for contouring too.
All in all this palette I would give a 7/10.
Ideal for beginners, teenagers and people that don’t need perfect staying power all day.
It is pretty to look at lol and very affordable.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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