Freedom Lips

Hi Beauties.
So who has put their tree up???
Not me, I am being a misery this year lol. Normally I put it up the 1st Saturday in December but this year I have decided my daughter breaks for the holidays on the 18th so we can have a day of doing it all on the 19th.
Right on to my post, this blog is on freedommakeuplondon lips.
I own a few from this brand and I have to admit I would like to own more of them lol
I did buy a few more but because they are so affordable I have gave a few for gifts.
Freedom is what I would call a sister company to Makeup Revolution but aiming more for Make Up Artists because of the kits they sell.
So when they 1st launched I wasn’t really interested because I love Makeup Revolution and just felt they would be just the same.
In a lot of ways the products are the same they especially the eye shadows and lip products, I do love my lipsticks so knowing I love Makeup Revolution’s lipsticks I jumped in a bought some.
The normal lipsticks are £1 each and they have plenty of colours to
choose from, which sometimes can be annoying because it is hard to choose lol.
They do a few collection boxes too, 5 for £5, no you are not saving pennies but it is nice that they put what they think goes with a them for example the red collection has 5 different tone reds, the vamp collection has almost blacks and dark purples, they also come in a handy little box which is ideal for gifting.
They last of my lips for around 4 hours and then I will need a top up, works well with any of my other brand lip liners and has great pigment.
Then there are the pro melts or what we would call liquid lipsticks, £3 each and so worth every penny of that £3. These last all day, not drying or gets clumpy, no bleeding or sliding and easy to apply.
These are my top 5, which was very hard to choose.
1. pro melt jammy dodger (red)
2. Pro melt TGIF (dark plum)
3. Intense Noir (almost black) lipstick
4. Fever (red) lipstick.
4. Dusk till dawn (dark purple) lipstick
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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