My Best of 2015.

Hi Beauties
I am finally back to writing again yayyyyyyyy 🙂
Started a new job, which then made my routine go hayway lol, daughter got very ill too, which was horrible. So I decided to put my blog on the back burner and just upload my youtube videos I already had edited.
First of all if you haven’t seen my last video “Have a brew with me” then
let me just take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to you guys.
This was my 1st stop when I wanted to get into blogging and with the support of a makeup group I am part of I finally plucked up the courage to do this, but with out all the followers and likes and comments and chat’s from you guy’s it would not have been worth it.
So again Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support you have given me.
Now for my last blog of 2015,
This was a hard choice because there have been so many great products this year. With youtube I was able to put a lot in but if I did that here I would get keyborad cramp and you’s would be here till 2017 lol.
So here is my 2015 top 5.
 1. Benefit Cheeky Party Kit.
£30 Well what a fantastic selection of product in one tin. Ok ok so the the tin is very fancy and yes I can use it once I have finished the products :). They are all sample size but you get a lot of product for the price.
Contents: dandelion brightening face powder
hoola bronzing powder
sugarbomb face powder
rockateur face powder
coralista face powder
watt’s up! soft focus highlighter
they’re real! mascara
they’re real! push-up liner
You can sample size of each product in a great tin, but the amount of product is a good size and lasts a good while. Also great for having everything in 1 place too. Benefit are known for high quality products and this tin is no exception, good quality make up that lasts for hours.

2. No7 Intense volume Mascara & Fanomenal Mascara.
full price are £14.00 each. They work great on their own but put them together and you have instant false looking lashes, thick, long, no clumps Lashes. It is what every lash lover needs in their collection.

3. Urban Decay All night Setting Spray.
Magic in a spray, now this was new to me this summer and what better time to try it than hot sweaty weather with oily t-zone skin and make up making it’s way to my chest 🙂 This is definitely magical because it keeps your make up in place all day and night and now I don’t have to panic if I haven’t got time to check in the mirror and make sure my make up is still where it is suppose to be. Travel size £9, full size £21.

4. Freedom London Pomade.
This product came out around 4 months ago now and I have not stopped using it. It has been said it is a dupe for the brow dip, but I can’t comment because I don’t own this. But I do own pomade. Cream brow product is very new to me and I was unsure but this got a thumbs up from me because it is prefect. You don’t have to play around trying to fill in this gaps it fills everything in, it looks natural and goes on so smooth it has cut my eye brow time in half. Full price £5.00

5. Urban Decay Matte Lipsticks.
Now I can’t possibly choose a favorite color because I have just had 3 more as a gift and I love each color just as much as the next colour, it is so moisturizing and long lasting. I have not had chapped lips through the cold days which is a 1 st for me, it doesn’t bleed even when not using a lip liner and it also blends well with other colors. Beautiful range of colors to choose from. Full price £14.
There you have my top 5 best of 2015 products.
Have you got a favorite product from this year?
So beauties all that is left for me to write is Happy New Year and all the best for 2016. My we all still do good blogs and enjoy what we are doing.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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