Benefit Gift Set.

Hi Beauties,
Hope you all had a fun and safe New Years Eve.
The next few blog posts I am going to be writing about is the beautiful skincare gift sets and makeup sets I was very lucky to be gifted at Christmas. I am trying them out bit by bit to see how well they work.
Today’s post is Benefit Your B.Right! to party.943884_1695851760701197_3832233252650931312_n
This was a surprise gift from my daughter and when I thought about it I did go on a bit about running out of my travel size kit and needed some new items lol.
The tin is really funky and opens by the lid, you can twist the lid for it to spin the pictures round like a carousal.
Inside is travel and full size products.
1. Moisture Triple Performing Facial Emulsion=Full Size.
2. It’s Potent! Eyes=Full Size.
3. The Porefessional=Travel size.
4. Instant Comeback Facial Serum=Travel Size.
Last year I have really enjoyed being able to buy sample and travel size products to see weather they work for me before I buy full size and that’s another thing my daughter remembered and also passed on to the other’s when buy gifts.
Facial Emulsion on it’s own s around £22.
I loved the sample size of this product because this was my turning point in taking my skin care to the next level.
An oil free moisturizer that really sinks into my skin. Being oily before hand it does leave a shine to my skin but if I am not wearing makeup a bit of translucence powder takes away that shine.
My skin is really hydrated and looks fresh since I started using this. I only use this in the morning as I use a night oil at night lol. Included in the ingredients SPF15.
So to have a light weight, hydrating moisturize lotion that has SPF15 and makes your skin so smooth for the price is really worth any penny.
It’s Potent eye cream. £25.
I wasn’t sure on this product when I got it in the travel pack but then again I only used it a few days because it feel down the back of my dressing table and it is still there now lol.
I have been using this since Christmas day mornings only and I have to admit the dark circles are becoming slightly lighter, it is on the thicker side to my usual eye creams and is almost a cream in color. It has helps with the look of my under eye lines enough for me to say my concealer s sitting on top of my lines more rather than sinking into the lines. What I find strange about this product is with any eye cream I know I have it because I can see and feel it sinking into my skin or not in some cases but with this I don’t feel it, I only know I have it on because of the wet look shine and then once that’s gone I do wonder if I actually put cream on in the first place.
The Porefessional. full size £20/25
Now I am still unsure with this, I cannot make my mind up weather I like it. I have tried this both under makeup and over make up and it definitely does not work on me over my makeup. It does minimize my pores which is great but as much as my skin feels silky once my foundation is on I feel heavy skinned, which in return makes me not want to grab this product all the time.  It has vitamin E in the ingredients which is fantastic for our skin and is suppose to help towards covering our fine lines but not for me, if anything it makes them slightly more noticeable.
Instant Comeback Facial serum. Full size price £32.
This was the product I was most excited to try because I hadn’t heard about this one, so I went in blind on others opinions.
Let me tell you Benefit is going to get the blame when my bank balance gets to zero, because this is one of the more expensive products in their skincare range and who ever came up with the idea of a sample/travel size portion into this set was a genius because once you try this little ray of sunshine you are going to want the full size bottle. The serum is very light weight, soaks in to the skin so easy and a small amount goes a long way. Because it is so light weight you know your skin is still breathing. It instantly brightens the look of your skin, leaving any blemishes, dull patches, acne almost blurred out because of the lift it gives to your skin.
None of the 4 products have a scent which is even better because the last thing we want to be adding to our skin is fragrance.
This is a great gift set and without a doubt worth every penny.
Sale prices right now £32/£36.
For travel size check the new set they have just brought out and only £18.
Benefit Totally B.right.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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