No7 beautiful skin

Hi beauties.
Hope you have all had a good week, getting back to normal with your homes, work and food.
It is the same every year isn’t it?  we spend weeks planning and stressing and organizing and more stressing to the run up to Christmas and new year and before you know it we have cluttered our wardrobes, fridge and cupboards lol.
So with all that in mind here is some more skincare I got for Christmas and how it is now included in to my night time routine.


Meet No7 beautiful skincare.
This brand is the shop Boots own brand and I have to say a few of my holy grail items are this brand.
This set is travel size which is great for anyone who hasn’t tried before and wants to know weather it is suitable for them before paying the full price. (not that No7 is expensive).
So what comes in this set.
1. Day cream
2.night cream.
3. Overnight revitalising eye balm.
4. Cleansing lotion.
5. Radiance exfoliator.
6. Rapid radiance balm.
This set is for normal to dry skin and my daughter didn’t realize this when getting it from my husband. But I don’t like waste and gave it a go without mentioning this little detail that I am oily/combination skin.
This product actual works great on my skin, no irritation, absorbs into your skin with ease. Slight fragrance scent like cotton.
I loved the fact not only the amount of product provided but the variety also.
My night time routine consists of using the cleanse lotion, exfoliate night cream and eye balm.
I use the rapid balm in the morning if I am not wearing moisture lotion and this is because it gives my oily skin an excuse to shine. It is nice under foundation but I really like to use this when not wearing foundation as it makes my skin look healthy.
The day cream I have not used yet as I am using my benefit cream, once I have ran out of benefits cream I will use this one up as no doubt I will be buying the full size night cream as it is working really well with my skin.
This gift set is only £14/£16, prices for full size products vary with offers, starting from £8.50 up to £14.00.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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