Nails of the day

Hi beauties.
So the last few days I have been busy organizing my timetable so I can fit everything in that I want to be doing. I am now (fingers crossed)  going to be posting my blogs every Monday and Thursday.
I have quite a few titles on my list that I want to blog about, so all being well I have blogs up to end of February so far :).
Now that’s out of the way on to today’s blog.
Nails of the day.
I hadn’t talked about the M man for a while and there for was only fitting that I include him in to this Thursday’s blog and what better way than with nails.


I do love Barry M nail Polish, great colors that look fab simple and plain or jazzed up with art. A great amount of colors to choose from that it is almost impossible to go shopping and choose just one bottle.
Today’s nails are:
357 ballerina
358 vintage Violet
MTC top matte coat


Ballerina is a beautiful milky cream color and lots beautiful with shine and in a matte.
Vintage Violet is a creamy chocolate color and works even better in matte.
Both these colors work well together and really compliment one another, they work will in nail art to as the consistency is almost runny but pigment is very strong that 1 coat (doing small areas) is enough.
I do love top coat matte it glides on with ease, not gluppy or thick and also helps the nails dry a bit quicker.
These are so affordable at £2.99 a bottle for the normal collection. Barry M has a few collections out which range in price and colors.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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