No7 Makeup set

Hi Beauties
Today’s blog is a quick over view of the No7 makeup gift set.
No7 is a Boots brand and sold only in Boots. There is a wide range of skincare and make up products to choose from.
Good quality at affordable prices, and this gift set is no exception.
This comes in a beautiful red box with a flip lid.
Contents include:
Blusher brush
Black stay perfect eye liner.
Lip gloss, nude pink
Blush soft damson
Eyeshadow Beige. Matte
Eyeshadow Plum. Shimmer.
Black stay perfect eyeliner is my favorite eyeliner by far. It stays in place all day and doesn’t smudge. Very creamy which helps make it easier to apply along the lash line.
Nude pink lip gloss.
Quite a thick consistency but without the heavy tacky feeling.
Slightly pink toned with a nice gloss shimmer, works perfect over a pale pink lipstick.
Lasts on my lips around 3 hours.
Soft damson blush.
Feels creamy but not a strong pigment. Ideal if not wanting to really add color to your cheeks but can be built up to give an almost rose color to the cheeks.
The blusher brush is so soft I do wonder how the powder stays on the bristles lol.
Easy to clean too.
The brush works really well with this blush and both apply with ease.
No fall out, not super long lasting but gives you a days light coverage.
2 mini eye shadows.
Beige is a matte and is great as a base color and the plum is very shimmery and works well on the top of lids. They blend well and the plum has strong pigment, a small amount of fall out but lasts well for a night out.
£12 for this set and was on offer at Christmas 3 for 2, which is when my husband bought it, so really it was actually lower than £12. Now that’s a bargain.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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