Zoeva Taupe

Hi Beauties
It’s Monday already and that means 1 thing, time for my blog.
Today’s blog is my impression on the Zoeva Taupe Palette.
This came out in late November early December last year and I really liked the look of it, but with Christmas present’s to buy I sadly put it to the back of my mind.
January came and was itching to troll the internet for new things and yet again this popped up and with all my strength I could’t stop my finger clicking the buy now button lol.
This is my 1st purchase with Zoeva products so I could only go on reviews which were pretty much positive. I paid £15 from http://www.beautybay.com and it was delivered within 4 days.
O my days, I opened it and instantly fell in love with these colors. Mixture of light and darks, shimmers and mattes. But I couldn’t swatch it because I wanted to do a January haul video with 1st swatches and how I felt. So sadly I put it away for a week and once my video was done ( yes I did my haul video early, I can’t think why) I got to play.
These are the swatches from the top row.
These are the lightest of the 10 shades but they really build up well and blend with no effort at all. I think the reason why this palette jumps out at you is because it is not just different shades of browns and peaches, it has white, silver and purples to add more color to those lids.
Handmade is my favorite from this row.
Bottom 5 shades, these are stronger than the top row and blend with no effort at all.
I can’t choose on this row because the bottom 3 are just beautiful.
Powder shadows but with a cream feel, slight fall out so I would suggest doing eyes 1st if you get irritated by fall out. But I found a quick swipe of a dome brush and it was all gone.
I have done a couple of different looks with these and I have to say when I see my lids and the beautiful contrast between the shimmers and mattes it makes me smile.
I am uploading a collaboration youtube video next week and I use this palette on that,
so if you want to see the beautiful coloring on the lids then remember to check it out.

So that’s my impression on the Zoeva Taupe Palette.
Do you own this product??? If so what do you think
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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