January Favs

Hi Beauties
February 1st yay 🙂
Blog post today my January favorite products. Because I got some many lovely gifts in December I have had a lot of choice but managed to narrow it down to these 🙂

jan favs
So let’s see what I chose for my favorites.
Make up
jan favs eyeliners n swatch
No 7 eyeliners.
I have finally got an eyeliner that I can put on easy, smudge easy and
stay where it is suppose to all day.
I was lucky enough to get one in a set for Christmas and because I loved
it I went on the hunt in the sales for some more and bought a set of 5.
Dark Purple,
Navy Blue.
The set of 5 came with my favorite mascara so that was a bonus and
original price £18 sale price £10.

Jan favs eye lips swatchjan favs highlight
Color pop Highlighter shade Monster £5.00
This is definitely my go to highlighter. I always grab this because it is
smooth long lasting and easy to apply.
Make up Gallery eye shadow £1. Shade Cappuccino.
I use this as my contour as it is a great grey brown tone and works well for
It was recommend by Rosetta Baker from the uk makeup group months ago
and since I bought this yes I have tried others but I always go back to this one.
Thanks Rosetta you changed my contouring life lol 🙂
Lipstick I chose 2.
1st) Freedom London Pro Lipstick Dusk till dawn £1.
A lovely plum purple that I have loved wearing in the colder months.
2.) Estee Lauder shade Dynamic
Not sure on the price because this came in a gift set and is travel size.
It is a lovely shade of pink and works well on it’s own but also with a brown
mixed in.
Lip liner No7 shade Nude £6.00
I have been buying a lot of lighter shades of lipstick so I can play around with
other colors, so this nude has come in handy. It is nude but has a brown and pink
tone to it. Creamy and blends well. Long lasting too.
jan favs..
Nail Varnish.
1st) Barry M Vintage Violet £2.99
I just love the color of this polish but the reason I keep grabbing it is because
this color works really well with a matte coat or a shine top coat.
Very versatile polish.
2nd) NAILSINC Shade Kensington High Street £15.00
I wasn’t sure on this at 1st because of the gel effect I find them to be very thick and hard to get a smooth finish, but like always I don’t give up without a fight lol.
The color again is great for the colder months works well with one coat and also is great for art designs.

jans favs skincare
Skincare has been great this month but on top was Estee Lauder’s creams.
I recently did a blog on this and you can see why it was my favorite.
Blog Here
Anew Ultimate Lips from Avon £18.
I have been loving this because it it has the plump on 1 side which is nice not a great plump but your lips feel thicker. on the other side is the smooth cream and this has worked great, we all tend to grab our chap sticks in the winter and I am the same but since using this I have not used chap stick because this has keep my lips moisturized and feeling good.

Bath products and smellies.
jan favs ted and sugar Ted Baker gift set £16
I received this gift set for Christmas which had hand cream, body spritz and Lip balm. The lip balm I am not keen on the smell on my lips but these to are so nice, they smell floral but not musk, Like smelling roses in the garden in the summer air. The hand cream makes my hands feel soft and the smell doesn’t change from tube to hand like some do and lasts ages, the spritz I hate using because I will run out and I don’t want to run out lol it is strong and floral and lasts a few hours which is not bad for a spritz.
Soap & Glory sugar crush body wash. £7.
This smells divine, it is a citrus fragrance which to me is lemons lemons and more lemons lol. I use this in the bath & shower and it makes my skin super soft and also super lemon smelly lol. The scent lasts all day, it is not over powering on the skin but you can smell it is there.
I have a couple of this from gift sets so I am very lucky I will be able to keep using this for ages.
And that beauties is all my January favorite products.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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