Ebay & £1 shop

Hi Beauties,
Today’s post is a small haul I did in January.
I was hoping to do separate blogs and youtube video’s for the £1 shop and Ebay
but not a lot jumped out at me, so its combined and little lol.
So this is what I managed to get my hands on.
ebay full
Poundland is where everything came from apart from the 3 Kiss Proof
Lip pencils.
ebay corroter
Simple corrector pen.
Firstly I didn’t know the brand Simple did things like this.
I have seen plenty of people with corrector pens but for me I am happy using concealer to sort out mistakes but when I seen this I decided to try it because after all it was only £1.
This has been working well when cleaning up eye shadow and eye liner so I think I may have been converted lol.
ebay eyeliner
Revlon Silver eyeliner & smudge brush.
I grabbed this for using on my bottom water line, so that I have a change from using white all the time. Nice silver not over powering and from a well know brand all for £1.
ebay pen art Look at these little beauties.
Nail art pens with gems.
These came 2 in a pack and yes you guess it £1 a pack.
These have tiny nips at the top, then the nail varnish and then matching gems.
I will be doing a blog on these and hopefully some funny designs to go with it.
But for now I just wanted to show you them.
So for the corrector pen, silver eye liner and 6 art pens for my nails the grand total was £5, now that’s not a bad shop.
Ebay, well I was quite disappointed after Christmas that nothing was jumping out at me and into my basket except for these.
ebay kiss proof Kiss Proof lip pencils.
These have been doing their rounds on youtube for about a month,
so yes I wanted to jump in and see what all the fuss was about.
I didn’t go wild and buy all 24 colors because after all I needed to see if they
suited my lips 1st.
So I felt 3 would be enough to give them a try and boy am I glad I did.
I will be doing a blog on these soon with swatches for you to see how well
they work and the colors.
I paid 99p each so these cost £2.97 and o yes that is a bargain for lip pencils.
So there you have my Ebay and pound land haul.
I am hoping that this month there is more to choose from but I won’t hold my breath lol.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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