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Hi Beauties
Today’s blog is Smashbox try it kit.
I made my 1st order with smash box in January.
I bought and paid for a few items but sadly by the time they sorted my order out, many items were out of stock.
Still I got the Try it kit and I got to finally try the items I have had my eye on for a while.
As you all know by now I do love travel/trial size products because I can try before I buy, so to speak lol.
So what was in this box
smash box
Full Exposure Mascara,
Photo finish foundation primer,
24 hour photo primer for eyes,
trio shadows.
So what did I think of this box that I paid £15 for a waited nearly 2 weeks to be delivered?
Not a great deal to be honest. The mascara is nice and not thick and heavy but I will still
have to find a pairing for it to give me the look I like.
Excuse the hand, my daughter wanted to do the swatch and has a breakout of eczema right now.
The pink/salmon is 24 hour eye primer and clear is foundation primer.

The foundation primer felt like silk going on but then I felt I was left with a wet face.
My foundation didn’t sit right with this primer, but I am going to try it with others but I don’t hold up much faith because I was using Estee Lauder double wear which seems to work well with high end and drug store primers.
The 24 hour eye primer is unfortunately is a without a doubt a big fat NO for me.
I was really looking forward to this but was quickly let down as soon as it hit my lids.
I may just be being picky but my eye primers normally lighten my dark lids up so my shadows have a better chance of giving of their true colors.
This is slightly pink but drys clear, once dry it leaves almost a white line on the edges.
As I was adding eye shadow I felt the primer was grabbing the brush because my lids were so dry that it made it difficult add and blend the shadows.
Eye shadow trio. Feels like cream but gives quite a bit of fallout.
Because of the problem with my lids I couldn’t get the colors to blend really which turned into a bit of a mess. I said on my video I won’t rule these out but when swatches
went on daughter’s arm I could see the pale and dark brown don’t blend well and do go on clumpy. The middle coffee color is smooth and blends nice. But again I will give it another go before I decide weather this item will go in my box for friends to try.
I can’t rate the Try me kit very high and I am so glad you are able to buy small sizes to try because I would have been very upset if I had paid full price for these products.
I would say 4/10.
I can honestly say now I am glad I didn’t receive the other items and got a refund because if they are anything like this box then I would have spent more money
to tell me the same thing, these products don’t suit me.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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