Hi Beauties
As promised from my last blog, this blog is swatches of the KissProof Lip pencils
from Ebay.
ebay kiss proof
Before Christmas I was hearing a lot about these KissProof pencils,
so off I popped to have a look on Ebay to see how much they are for us in the UK.
99p each yes please I will have to try these.
I bought 3 to see what they were like before I purchased anymore.
So there seems to be around 25 of these in this collection, depending on where you buy from.
They are drying but I will explain more with each one as all 3 felt very different.
I tried them on the lips for the color, how they feel and last ability.
Now come on stop laughing at this picture 🙂 Actually laughing is good so why not lol.

These don’t come with names of the colors but with numbers.
So let’s start with 003.
This is a reddish brown color and by fair my favorite out of the 3.
It went on easy, especially being a chunky pencil, this really does help
make an easier application to the lips.
I applied 1st with just straight on the lips and it felt slightly drying but wasn’t
bitty, was around 4 hours before I noticed I needed a top up. Stayed on through
eating and drinking, leaving a slight color on my cup. Needed a bit of pressure
with cotton pad a micellar water to remove all of it.
I then tried with balm on my lips 1st and this really helped. It didn’t feel to
drying now but went down to about 3 hours before topping up.
Wiped away easier at the end of night.
This is nothing like the swatch on the purchase page, it was suppose to be less
orange and more pink.
However it is a nice tone of orange that would be really nice in the coming
warmer months.
I was disappointed with this one, it was over drying and made my lips sore. It stayed
on but went patchy in places after about 1 hour.
Removing this was the hardest of them all, it took some pads and miceallr water and
still left a slight stain to my lips.
I then added balm which made matter worse because it then became bitty straight
It doesn’t seem to like anything added to it and there for is not good for my

kissp 012
Brown with a hint of plum color.
Again drying on the lips, felt bitty straight away, went patchy in some places and lasted around 3 hours before needing top up.
I noticed by the end of night it had stayed around the edges of my lips and pressure was needed to remove it.
I tried with lip balm and still bitty, so I used a lip brush to see if it would smooth things out and this worked better. Still had slight patches in places but worked better.
Removed easy with cotton pad and miceller water.
It’s hard to rate these there are 3 of them so I will have to do single then overall.
003 7/10
010 3/10
012 5/20
Overall are these worth 99p each, definitely but you do have to play around the see which way works best for you.
6/10 in total because it seems it is going to be hit and miss with each shade I think.
But I will invest in a few more because if anything they are good for staying power on the edges of lips so would make great liners lol.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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