Makeup Revolution Lipsticks.

Hi Beauties
Hope you all had a good weekend. I spent mind catching up on everything.
I am back now to get my blogs written and up.
Today’s blog is my collection of Makeup Revolution ( known as MUR) lipsticks.
It was mur that started my love for bolder colors and since buying RECKLESS I have never looked back.
Why do I like these lipsticks? Well as a brand MUR do some great products at very affordable prices, it can be hit and miss depending on what you like and don’t like.
I own a few of the eyeshadow palettes which are really good.
Now the lipsticks are great, they have quite a range and prices are very good. They do a collection for £1 each up to a collection for £2.50.
I have have to be honest and tell you that again it can be hit and miss, most of their lipsticks are strong pigment and long lasting and now and again I will get 1 that is low pigment and just seems to disappear before I reach the bottom of the stairs lol.
I put a few together for you to see the range in my collection of colors.
I do have a youtube video Tuesday Evening of them all with both lip and hand swatches.
I have 16 MUR lipsticks that I still own lol and they are a mixture of the £1 and £2.50 prices.

 This is my favorite lipstick called Reckless and this is from the £1 collection. As you can tell by the photo I am running low on this one.
Glossy finish but not a high shine, but can be made to look matte with the tissue powder trick. Good strong pigment and this one lasts about 4 hours before I need to top it up.

This lipstick is Unicorns unite and yes I think I only bought it for the name because unicorns are beautiful and I am sad lol.
This cost me £1 in the sale and I thought was a pink but it comes up more orange, which is good for the spring/summer.
I don’t know how long I will own this one because as much as you can see it looks a good strong color it does have a weak pigment and really doesn’t last long. It feels creamy going on but then to me it is more slip and slide. I find the more slippery it feels the more you rub your lips together the more it disappears and this lipstick is just like that.

This lipstick is called saviour will come ( some mad names lol) and is from their £2.50 collection.
This lipstick is more of a moisturising lipstick in my opinion.Which is what we need to help keep our lips from drying out don’t we.
Strong pigment and lasts about 3 hours before top up is needed.
High shine finish but doesn’t work well with powder or liplock, it makes the lipstick bitty and I believe this is because the lipstick is so creamy in texture. But for £2.50 I am happy to top it up a couple of times a day.
So that is my Makeup Revolution Lipstick collection.
Click HERE you can go straight to their website.
Do you own any MUR lipsticks? What’s your opinion on them?
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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