Febuary Nailbox

Hi beauties

Today’s blog is my Febuary box from Nailbox.
I do love the end of the month because I absolutely love receiving this box from the postman.
Febuary’s theme is Funky fresh retro, which at first was a little concerning because I have never really loved this sort of theme on any subject.
But as usual nailbox didn’t let us down, they made it funky but fab.
look at these beauties 🙂
Makes me feel happy and that the spring is on it’s way for the colours to come back in.
So what was in this box?
Eye candy 3d nail wraps £4.99
16 wraps with raised glitter dots (3d) which are so pretty. I have never tried these before and I am looking forward to try them. I imagine these sort of things would be quite hard on my nails because they are quite big and I only have small width so a lot of work coming my way.
But I think I will do a blog on these themselves and see how I get on.
Eye candy core polish. £3.00
I couldn’t find a link to this particular  color  but have linked to amazon where eye candy is mainly sold.
Sadly I am not a lover of eye candy polish, this is the first box that I was like o noooooooo,
but the color is nice and will work on art maybe otherwise will be a nice addition to my daughter’s collection.
I just find the polish collection to be to weak, it takes normally 2 coats to get a nice coverage but with these I find no matter how many coats you will still see streaks.
It’s an ok orange tone but at the same time very dull, so you would need a good top shine I feel to give it that funk.
Nicole by O.P.I RRP £8.00
You can tell when it’s Nicole polish because of the shape of the bottle, I love this shape, it just reminds me of a boot for some reason lol.
Sky’s the limit is the shade and it is very shimmery. As with most of her collection they too are not very strong and quite watery, but it gives the most beautiful water color effect on your nails. A beauty light blue with shimmer that would look nice over any art or even to change your bottom tone color up.
Rimmel London £2.99
401 Wedge of lime.
At first I thought this really belongs in the Halloween themed box because it reminds me of Frankenstein.
But I don’t own a shade like this so that’s a thumbs up, I am not sure if I could wear this color on it’s own but teamed up I think yes funky & retro 🙂
Essie £8.00
Shade Flowerista
I don’t think this shade is available here in the UK yet because I cannot find it anywhere for us. They normally sell for £8. This is my favourite by far. I love maroon, burgundy, plum ect. Being Essie you know you have a good strong pigment of color that is long lasting but add this color into the mix and it’s a winner all the way for me.
This was just a quick swatch for the video that will be on youtube tomorrow evening if you want a better look at the contents.
Approximately worth £27 and the price you pay each month is £15.00.
I do think this is the smallest value I have had in a box but at the same time they are great products.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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