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Hi beauties,
Hope you have all had a great weekend.
I had a busy but relaxing at the same time weekend.
Today’s blog is to fit side by side with my youtube video poundland make up face.
I bought the make up purposely to do a video on just this make up to see what it was really like.
Ok so if you didn’t realise Poundland has it’s own brand of make up called Makeup Gallery.
You will find in most stores a display like this

Yes each item is only £1, but I wanted to see if this brand was really worth £1 of my money.
There is not a great deal to chose from but the main essentials for make up is there which is what we need.
I wasn’t able to swatch and colours before buying because they are all sealed, yes that’s a good thing because we know that can be a germ problem, but it is a gamble. I will tell you my opinion and then you can see for your self how it stayed or didn’t stay after 10 hours at the end of this blog.
12804605_1720917168194656_707715639638762381_nI already own a pressed powder that I use to lightening things up as it was to light for setting. Also an eye shadow in Cappuccino that I use for contouring because it is great, but on this occasion I was using as it states for eye shadow lol.
I had a choice of 4 colours with foundation I chose warm Ivory, I was really worried this may give me an orange tone because in my experience cheaper foundations have done this to me. This is quite runny and low to medium coverage but it wasn’t orange and gave a lovely finish. If I had of had time I may have put more on to see if it worked better. Remember I had know primer because some people don’t want primer or can’t afford more products. It soaked nicely on my skin and din’t enhance my pores which is always great.I had no irritation through out the day or break out the next day. It lasted all day and by end of night my oil was starting to seep through, not bad considering I had no primer or setting powder. 7/10

Mascara a choice of 2. Plump up which I chose or volume. I was expecting the brush to be big but it was nice and small, not little just simple and small. It went on easy and didn’t irritate my eyes. I only used 1 coat because I felt it was gathering my lashes and didn’t want my lashes to get clumped. It was nice no wow effect just simple. The great thing I found was even after 10 hours I didn’t feel that heavy lash feeling. 8/10.

Concealer, choice of 4 I chose  light Ivory in the hope that this was going to be lighter than the foundation. Thankfully it was. I really don’t like stick concealers but I wanted to try everything to let you know so I jumped in. I used it lightly as I didn’t want it to drag under my eyes and then used a blending sponge to blend. I was pleasantly surprised with this because it was low to medium coverage and yet didn’t enhance my fine lines like a few of my concealers do. I don’t use setting powder under my eyes now but this I felt was ok because it didn’t have that wet look. This unfortunately didn’t last the 10 hours. it was around 4 hours when I noticed it start to disappear, but that would not take long to top up now would it.  7/10.
Blush again 4 choices I chose number 2. This has good pigment and gives a good strong colour on the cheeks. It doesn’t blend easy so it needs to go on 1st time and maybe slight finger rub. It was a nice rustic colour and stayed in place all day, after 10 hours the colour was still going strong.

Lipliner I had 1 choice brown, I chose a lipstick in capa to go with this liner but sadly it has gone already. The lip liner is dry but goes on without too much trouble but once on stayed in place all day. 9/10
The lipstick was the worst product of them all, this went on and was slippery, I could almost feel it disappear as soon as it was on my lips, safe to say it didn’t last the 10 hours and only lasted 10 minutes. 1/10
12803198_1720916914861348_6779957994560043811_nBronzer, choice of 3 I chose matte bronzer. This is ok but again I was worried it would give an orange tone on my skin, yes it did have a slight tone but nothing that worried me.
It blended better than the blush and wasn’t over powering like some bronzer’s can.
Last all day, slight lose by then 10 hours but still a good 1 for your collection. 7/10

Pressed powder, I bought the shade 1 and this is too light so I used this above bronzer like a highlighter but without the shine lol and under my brow to lighten them up. I have used this quite a bit and am very pleased with staying power. 8/10

pizap.com14569339989521Last but not least nail polish. I own lots but I really wanted to give these a try.
Quite a few colours to choose from, I chose Teal.  I was pleasantly surprised, the brush is my perfect brush type, straight edged, the polish is like a gel type but not with the thickness. It was full colour and no streaks, easy to apply, not quick drying but not many are lol. This lasted 3 days before I could see a slight chip, I didn’t use top coat because again you may not own one, I finally took this off after 6 days. So 8 days with no top coat
it is a great polish in my eyes.
12803287_1720917091527997_4112514845377129024_n So as you can now see there is not a great difference after 19 hours. Lipstick has defiantly gone, slight lipliner left. The oil has come through after a busy day so that’s no surprise but considering all the facts this is really good.
In my opinion this makeup gallery brand is just as good as many other drug store brands and I would happily buy again, the polish I will be buying some more colours and I am hoping there maybe other choices on the lip liners but I will be staying away from the lipsticks. But there is nothing stopping you from using the lip liner as full cover on your lips.
All in all money well spent.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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12 thoughts on “Poundland Make up

  1. I saw this before but didn’t have time to comment 🙂 this is a really good in-depth review. Mine is somewhat simple!

    We seem to mostly agree on the products. I like how we’re both ‘don’t bother with the lipstick!’ It’s not just me then! X

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