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Hi Beauties
Hope you are all well and looking forward to the slightly warmer weather that is suppose to be round the corner.
Today’s blog is about a purchase I made for the 1st time with Opulent Essences.
I 1st noticed the brand while on instagram and loved the colours of their polish and the little video’s they put up showing the pouring of such beauties.
I was so tempted to make a purchase but like a lot of people didn’t actually go to their profile page to see which country they are and presumed they were overseas.
I few weeks ago I bucked up the courage to speak to them ad found they are based here in the UK.
They have a shop on www.etsy.com (click link to go straight to them) I can honestly say I was drooling at the colours and started to think about what I needed to add to my collection lol.
Now I have sold jewellery, candles, soaps, cards, done fairs and fates with my makings so I know how hard it can be to get your name or product out their so for me it was a no brainer small business buy to try the products.
So who are Opulent Essences?
A 2  lady team of  mother & daughter aka Sharon & Zoe but I am not sure who is who lol.
They started their brand just under a year ago, they  started making our own polishes as they were amazed on how many harsh chemicals are in beauty products nowadays and wanted products that had no harsh chemicals and vegan friendly.So their products are no animal testing, 5 free in polishes and all natural ingredients.

Copied information from their Esty shop
{{{Welcome to Opulent Essences. Our products are handmade by Sharon & Zoe. All our ingredients are sourced from reputable suppliers that comply by the EU standards.
We are also Vegan Friendly, and do not test on animals. Our polishes are 5 Free and do not contain:
Dibutyl Phthalate,
Formaldehyde Resin

One of the greatest finds was they sold nail tape and at a very low price which immediately  went into my basket because I have want to try this stuff for the longest time and yet to buy abroad is expensive and the sellers that sell here bump the prices up.
wp-1457609280384.jpg So what did I buy, from left to right

1.Liquid Nail tape blue. 5ml £2.50
2. Liquid gold 5ml £3.00
3. Crushed teal 10ml £5.00
4. Cuticle oil Free gift. 5ml £2.50
5. Apple sours 10ml. £1.50
I tried to choose colours that are different to my collection and a small order to find out what the products are like.
First I want to  start by saying how beautiful and elegant the rectangle bottles look. The apple sours was at a cheaper price I believe due to this being their old style bottles.
The new bottles I think stands out better and is so different from many brands out there, I do love the lettering on both but it really stands out on the bold italic lettering.
The Liquid nail glue is brilliant, it is easy to apply and drys fairly quickly.
It is so easy to remove and gave me cleaner edging than I have had in a long time.

The liquid gold is a beautiful dark gold that reminds me so much of a Easter egg wrapping 🙂 I applied 2 coats of this with ease, the brush is a standard brush and glides the polish.
No strikes and good coverage. I didn’t use top coat as I wanted to see how good the effect was with them, I had all the polish colours on for 4 days and even without top coat there was no cracking or chipping.
The apple sours is slightly thicker than the other 2 and has what I believe is white confetti circles as well as speckles. This would be beautiful on top of a green polish but again I wanted to see what it was like on it’s own. It has a slight green tone to it and lots of glitter speckles which makes this a perfect top coat or stand alone colour.
Crushed teal now this was my favourite when looking in their shop and when it arrived it was a wow moment. It is a beautiful blue teal with lots of shimmer, even my husband noticed the sparkle it gave off when the light hit it.
If you are not going to use a colour underneath this definitely needs 2 coats.
This did slightly wear away at the tips of my nails by the 4th day but didn’t chip.
I feel a top coat would have helped to last longer but again I want a true opinion.
My fingers look a bit rough at the cuticles as I hadn’t manicured for a few days
and that actually leads me into the cuticle oil. Now I have tried many an oil over the years
with a lot going off to other people, I have my favourites because I know they work
so I didn’t have high hopes for this oil but I was amazed. After 3 applications not only did it smooth up my cuticles but also the roughness I had got on my skin before the cuticles
last week due to so sanding and plastering. It is not runny it sits nicely on application I rub it so to massage the nails and soaks in nicely too, it doesn’t have an obvious smell but a subtle but nice smell.

So I am really happy with my purchase and I am definitely visiting again at the end of the month to purchase more beautiful colours.
For the price this is a really good purchase, size wise they offer 5ml and 10ml bottles, I am not sure if this is on everything but for me I like the fact I can buy smaller 1st, just like my skincare and make up this is always a massive bonus in my book.
I am not being paid to blog about this brand but I can honestly say if you enjoy polish then you must give them a visit.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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