Highend v Drugstore face

Hi Beauties
hope you all had a good weekend 🙂
Today’s post is on highend v drugstore make up face.
I decided to have a go at doing half my face with what I class as high end in my collection and the other half in drugstore makeup.
I tried to make them as close as possible in colour & texture format.
Now I couldn’t really see a difference with most of it and the pictures pretty much say the same but when the video went up on youtube comments were left saying they could see a difference not drastic but subtle differences and they all guessed the correct side.
For the video click here


1. Urban Decay poreless
2. Collection prime & prep poreless
I couldn’t see a difference here even though Urban Decay has a slight pink tone and collection is clear.


1 Estee Lauder 24 hour wear
2. L’oreal infallable
This was tricky for me to see wear one started and one ended because the both are pretty much the same colour texture and coverage.


1. Tarte
2. Makeup revolution
Snapshot 8 (14-03-2016 14-38) Again there is not a great deal f difference with shades, Tarte is slightly more pigment and gives a strong effect on shimmers.


1. MAC nw20
2. Rimmel 2

1. Tarte
2. Makeup revolution.
Big difference with concealer and I can tell you why, the Mac is 1 shade too light I believe and the Rimmel sits nicer on top of wrinkles not in between the lines like my Mac.
Blush you can tell which side is more pigment but I can honestly say you can build the colour up with Makeup Revolution, just in this case I was trying to be as equal as I could.

1. Watt’s up by Benefit
2. Vivid by Makeup Revoultion
Lip colour
1. Tarte Lipsurgent
Rimmel Apolcolapse
Highlighters I felt the Vivid was a much better shine then Watt’s up but the watts up is easier to apply.
Both of these feel horrible on my lips, do not know why I still have them, they are both thick and slide everywhere and after a while start to clump on the lips.
But they both last a good 3 hours.
1. Tarte gifted mascara
2. No7 Luxe mascara

 Right side Highend £184
Left side drugstore £59

And there you have my full half and half face.
It is really strange how they are pretty much the same in most ways, so my question is does it always pay to spend more???????
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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