What’s on my wishlist 2016

Hi Beauties
I wanted to share my wishlist for this year.
Why have I got a wishlist? well let’s be honesty there is so many beauty products being launched every week and well if we was all super rich we would be jumping on the credit card every week.
But sadly I am just a normal family person who can’t feed my passion all the time lol,
So a wishlist is the way to go for me and many others.
I was presently surprised that my list wasn’t as big as I thought, but each week I do seem to add something lol.
Ok so enough rambling let’s show you my wishlist.

I must say right now these pictures are not mine I used from the sites.
Tarte Tartelette in bloom eye shadow palette. £33
This is easy to buy from UK because QVC sell a lot of Tarte products, the problem I have
is I have that many palettes I do wonder if I really need this palette. The colours are divine, day to night time colours and of course Tarte make really strong pigment shadows that last long.
Tarte Amazonian clay airbrush foundation.  £25
I have had my eye on this for a long time now but  I get so confused with the colours with Tarte. I have 2 colours light-fair honey and fair-light medium. If you could get samples this would be a lot easier for me to buy.
Too Faced Peanut butter & jelly palette.
I don’t own anything from Too faced YET! lol The colours in this palette really draw me in.
But again is it wise to be spending money ordering abroad and custom charges for another
eye shadow palette, I just don’t know.
Too faced LA Matte Lipsticks.
I own so many lipsticks but I just can’t help myself when I see a beautiful colour. So if I do make an order (which I really think I will) some time this year I will be ordering these 2 colours.

 True Brit London Nail polish remover. £5.95
These are new this month and the bottles would look lovely on my shelves lol
on a serious note I am drawn to these because they are scented. Strawberry’s & cream and Elderflower & Cucumber.
These are on my list because I really want to try these products because I really enjoy using this brands polish. The price is double what I normally pay for remover so this will be a treat at some point.
Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet
no, 53 La Mysterieuse.
Again yes another lipstick that has jumped out at me. I don’t really see anything that jumps out at me from Chanel but any lipstick lover has at least 1 of these in their collection.
So by the end of the year I am hoping to own this 1.

Makeup Revolution Gold Rose lipstick.

O dear o dear I am such a weak person lol. Makeup Revolution has just launched these new beauties.
On my list is
Best Friend
Diamond Life
Red Carpet
Now these are only £3 each so great affordable prices again from a brand I already love. But can I justify these lipsticks right now, ermmmmm not really but watch this space lol.
tumblr_inline_nx744m4OLK1tcrsjf_1280.png.cfUrban Decay Gwen Stefani palette £40
I have secret here, I love to go into Debenhams and drool over this palette, just look at the colours and you can see why.
Being Urban Decay you know it is worth the price and they shadows are both day and night use so it is a win win product.
Urban-Decay-Gwen-Stefani-Collection-Spring-2016-LipstickUrban Decay Gwen Stefani Lipsticks £16
I own 1 already and that’s Firebird, the purple colour in this picture. What beautiful lipsticks, so yes I really want to own more of these by the end of the year.
The-Body-Shop-Fuji-Green-Tea-Body-Scrub The Body Shop Green Tea body scrub £15.
I have heard a few good things about this scrub so yes I would like to try it. Green tea is not only a good drink but also good for the skin. and I do love body shop scrubs as it is.
elemis-pro-collagen-cleansing-balm-1024x723Elemis pro collagen cleansing balm. £55.50
I have been doing some research on this product since Lucy Dorling did her reviews on cleansing balms. I had never thought of cleansing balms before but now I really am intrigued and want to know for myself what they are like. You can get cheaper alternatives to this 1 and yes I will buy the cheaper ones to try but this is going on my birthday or christmas list lol.
So that’s a few of the great products on my list, I really could have added everything but it may take you right up to bedtime lol.
What’s on your wishlist?
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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9 thoughts on “What’s on my wishlist 2016

  1. A PEANUT BUTTER palette?! Wow! I thought for sure they’d come out with a DARK chocolate palette next – I’m surprised they haven’t yet. I also don’t own a stitch of Too Faced cosmetics.
    I hope you get your hands on your wish list items soon! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Itching to get my hands on the too faced sweet peach palette, it sold out so fast and the shipping+customs to Ireland is almost 100 euro so as much as I love the palette I will have to wait until it comes to stores or risk my bank account calling me asking am I actually insane. (The answer when it comes to makeup is probably a yes)


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