Easter with Lush

Hi Beauties
hope you all had a fab weekend, mine was very busy and I paying the price right now lol.
This blog is not so much a review but to let you know what’s in the Lush easter collection.
I was kindly invited to their bloggers event on Saturday to see all the new items they have brought out for Easter.
Now I want to do my opinion review which will be soon but for now is a quick low down so that if you like the sound of any of these items you can rush off to Lush to get them now.
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 Just like all the lush bubble bars this gives great almost thick silk bubble bath feeling.
It smells just the same as parma violets and makes me want to eat it lol. I was the weird child that always chose the purple parma violet sweets rather than the swizzle sweets lol.
The scent is quite strong and gives a really good throw.
I would guess about 5 bubble baths from this bar.
Bubble bar

 These carrots are great and would make a lovely Easter gift instead of an Egg.
3 bubble bath carrots all different colours.
This was demonstrated and wow the smell, the lemon really gives a good throw.
You hold it under the tap to let the water take the bubbles away, then leave it till next time. It is possible to get 15 baths from these 3 carrots.
Shower Jelly
 This bunny is so cute, the texture is jelly and yes it wobbles lol.
Also you need to do it pick it up and rub it over your body for that fruity clean smell.
In the demonstration when the lady had finished it didn’t even look like it had been used but the smell was so nice on her skin.
Bath bomb

I felt this bomb is larger than the normal size bombs and now I know why. If you crack the bomb in half their is an egg inside (how cute).
you can then chose to use all in 1 go or make 2 or 3 bath bombs out of it.
Again a very strong fruity smell of lemon, the fizz is good and and gives of a nice soft feel in the water.
This comes in 2 different colours.
Bath bomb

This bath bomb like the one above can be used 3 times if you so wish, except inside this one its a fried egg bath bomb, yes I did say fried egg lol.
The smell is a citrus and a mix of orange and lemon. Not as strong a smell as the one above so would appeal to people who prefer a subtle smell.
Bath bomb melt.

Yes a golden egg means glitter, but this is a fine glitter that comes over very easy on the hands and in the bath, but the great thing about this is once in the water the gold doesn’t
stick to your body so no you won’t come out looking like you just dropped your favourite highlighter in the bath lol.
The smells is divine, with cocoa butter and lemon it smells like melting fudge, so you can imagine what it would smell like in hot water.

Beautiful scented soap fruity but floral at the same time, not over powering and leaves a subtle hint on the skin.
A good lather from a few swipes is what makes this a soft clean feeling soap that is also meant to brighten the skin.
I look forward to reviewing my products at home and blogging my finds.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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