Along came betty

Hi beauties
Today’s post is all about those pores.
Most people know how annoying pores can be and how they make us feel when at their worst.
I unfortunately have what I call crater pores lol, big holes in my face, so I am always on the look out for pore reducing or erasing products.
So today I want to talk about a very affordable product by along Came Betty, pure pore 15 minute mask.
I had never heard of this brand before and while out shopping in tesco I was drawn to what looked like soap & glory products. The packaging is very similar and super cute. I noticed this pore mask and for £4 I jumped at the chance of giving it ago.
The formula is a white thick cream with little microbeads that dissolve on use. The smell reminds of products from lush just beautiful fruity clean smell.
It is easy to apply and a little goes a long way, it spreads easily around the face and drys quickly too.
The first time I used this I got a slight tingling around the sides of my nose where my skin was a bit sore, so I wiped it away from that area and carried on. Like any drying face mask you can feel it drying and if you smile it will crack (I love that bit lol).
Washing of is easy, I used a warm flannel and just work it back to a soft consistency and wipes easy.
My skin felt a little dry afterwards but I noticed my pores had got smaller, the one thing it didn’t and doesn’t remove is blackheads. Yes the skin is cleaner and makes it easier to remove blackheads but that’s more work. I am lucky I very rarely get blackheads but my daughter suffers terrible on her nose and also uses this mask so I can say that with fact.
After using this once a week I noticed it keeps my pores at bay and I do notice when I don’t use it.
The drying feeling still happens but nothing my cream doesn’t reverse.
This is a great product for reducing the look of pores but remember it’s not for blackheads.


Ok so it doesn’t make you look like supermodel but sure makes you feel good.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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