Which will you choose?

Hi beauties
I hope you all have a lovely easter weekend.
I have a few blogs coming up as promised on my YouTube video.
So today’s blog is about these 3 beauties.


These are the new primers called primed & ready from the the brand Collection.
They got released in January this year and I jumped at the chance to grab them.
These primers are each targeted for different aspects of the skin.
1. Mattifying pore minimiser £5
2. Reviving & anti-fatigue illuminating primer. Cool rose.
3. Reviving & anti-fatigue illuminating primer. Warm apricot.
Now your properly wondering if I went a bit bonkers and bought two of the same well yep I am bonkers lol, but the beauty with this collection they do one for cool tone skin and the other for warm tone skin. Now I am neutral skin some days I can be cool or warm tone, freaks me out sometimes that I have to be weird lol.
All three feel silky and soft when applying, and remind me of the makeuprevolution primer, they soak easy into the skin and leave no white or patch lines.


I love this one, it gives my foundation a good base to lay on. It works really well with all foundations I own.
It does blur the pores and doesn’t leave a shine like a lot of primers do. It’s light weight too.

Now this primer for warm tone skin lifts the skin, looking like you have walked out of a long spa weekend lol. This primer reminds me of my laura Gellar speckled primer, it gives you a peachy tone but I must warn you this one works better with non matte foundation and is brilliant with powder foundation.


Now this one is for cool tone skin a Pinky colour primer. I found this one was great on its own. It makes my skin look almost flawless and bright. With this one you need to use foundation for cool tones because it almost clashes with the pigment.
These are great for the price and works just as good as some of my more expensive primers, however I do have a worry. The silky feel reminds how in the summer these types of primers tend to slide down the face, so I am hoping this is not going to be the case.

till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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