Nailbox Easter Box

Hi Beauties
Is it just me or is everyone having trouble remember what day of the week it is?
I always et like this after a bank holiday but to have 2 over the week has knocked me right out lol.
Today’s post is what was inside my monthly Nailbox.
I do get excited when I know my box is due to arrive and always try not to do nails around this time so I can jump right in with the products, but being as it was Easter I had to do my nails before the box and didn’t get to open it when it came.
Easter themed this month so what’s inside?
So first out the box is
12936503_1736283629991343_8265074957292717671_nElegant touch  Speckled egg nails £7.10
Limited Edition for Easter even though it came at Easter.
Unfortunately these nails are just not me, about 4 months ago they included the clear false nails and I wasn’t to sure on them but turns out they came in very handy mostly because they were clear so you can paint them to your desired look. These are nice but I don’t feel I could pull them off.
Nails Inc Express polish remover pot £8.00
I have heard about remover pots but never tried them, so this will be a first for me. I believe there is a newer version of this now on their website but this pot can be found on amazon or ebay. I am curious to know weather this will work better or just as good as good old cotton pads and remover, so we will see. It is like sponge inside the pot with a hold for you to put your finger in and the remover is inside the sponge.
Invogue Polish Emerald dust. Suede effect. £3.49
I can’t make my mind up about this one. Is it I need to come out of my comfort zone and
try effect polish or is it I don’t like it, the jury is still out. But I will try it out and see.
I have never heard of invogue before and there doesn’t seem to be a website for it. I found the link for Amazon again.
Moyou Stamping polish Pink £4.99
Firstly how beautiful does it look, the box and the jar are so nice. I have used Moyou stamping plates before but never the polish, so I am excited to try this not only for stamping but I love the colour so can see this going on full too lol.
Moyou are a great brand for nail art stamps so this hopefully will be a big thumbs up.
Eye Candy Polish Naughty but Nice £6.00
Another eye candy polish noooooooooo, I really don’t get on with this brand so this is a big disappointment for me 😦 Naughty but nice is a violet or very light purple colour, but it is not a strong pigment and needs at least 3 coats to give full coverage, which by then is too thick and will chip a lot quicker than normal.
Again no website for Eye candy so I am now starting to wonder weather these products are being sold off.
Total box worth is approx  £28.60,  unfortunately for me this box wasn’t the greatest and I know 2 items that are definitely not me and the invogue is possibly out there too. So if it is only the polish pot and moyou polish then I paid over the amount this month, which is very disheartening. But I will wait and see what next month brings.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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