Fortune favours the brave

Hi Beauties
Hope it has been a good weekend. I spent mine with my 13 year old daughter, lots of shopping had to be done, not that I am complaining lol
Today’s blog is on a new palette that was launched last month.
Fortune Favours The Brave
Makeup Revolution and Britshbeautyblogger collaborated on this for sometime and now we can see why.
Link here for website
also here is BritishBeautyBlogger’s website BBB.
First of all I have to say I love pretty much all products from Makeup Revolution,they are very affordable and great quality, I never understand how this combo works but it sure does. So when they launch new products I jump at the chance to buy them. When we knew this palette was being launched I knew I wanted to try it and then I found out it was a collaboration with BBB made it even better to buy. Jane is Britishbeautyblogger and is a well established blogger and has collaborated on products before, so for me I knew before I bought it would be a winner.

As with most of the Makeup revolution palettes, it comes with a clear plastic sheet with names of each shadow.
30 shadows in this palette made up from sheen, matte and shimmers.
A lot of these colours I don’t own in other palettes so another extra bonus for me 🙂
1010159_1738511776435195_166832384444934012_nThe other great beauty is it has a mirror on the inside of the lid as big as the palette and this really helps when out and about.
The first surprise with this palette is the colour of the case, their palettes are normally gloss black or matte black casing, while this is gold with a beautiful embellum on the front. I loved how this was set out differently to their other palettes too, with the brush in the middle, it gives a more expensive look to the palette.
Ok so what was the shadows like, well most of the shadows are strong pigment and blend very easy, there is the odd shadow that I felt had hardly any pigment and I struggled to build them up ether and these seem to be the sheen ones.
As you can see by the photo some shadows do leave some fallout but this seems to be from the palette only because I didn’t experience this while apply to eyes.
I left the fallout for you to see because as you can tell it is mainly just the glitter and marble effects that leave this, the shimmers and mattes left nothing.
I have also done arm swatches for you to see the colours outside the palette and even with this you can tell the sheens don’t show up much colour.
This is the top 2 rows.
and this is the bottom 2 rows.
What is great about this palette is the different colour shades that all mix together (if you had a large enough eye you could try lol)
There are so many different colours that you have a palette that is suitable for both day and night time use, perfect for travelling and wanting to keep luggage down. A great palette that would work for any age, even this golden oldie here lol.
It comes with a little brush that is not your standard sponge applicator but I have to be honest I didn’t feel it pick up the shadow well enough to use.
pizap.com14597740032161A simple daytime look to add a bit of sparkle into my day.
So all this in one gold palette for just £9.99.
That is the beauty of makeup revolution, you get great products for affordable prices and this palette is no exception.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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