Flawless 2

Hi Beauties
It’s been a busy week and I am in need of the weekend lol.
Today’s post is on Makeup Revolution again, they have some great palettes in their collection and I always jump at the chance of trying the palettes because they are so affordable and most shadows are strong pigment and long lasting.
I bought this palette Flawless 2
last month and not only because it is from Makeup revolution, but it also reminded me alot of the Morphe palette 35w, that I have been wanting to by for a while now.
Costing just £9.99 for 32 shades, bargain!!!
As you can see there are quite a few transition colours, also a mixture of matte and shimmers too.
It could be mixed up for both day and night wear but for me this is more of a daytime palette. Mattes again in this collection are not a good pigment but they do build up so your not losing out. They blend really good and I get all day lasting, even with my oily lids.
I love the shimmers so much, the feel creamy and pack on the lids well. For more depth I add fix + to my brush.
Each shadow again has their own unique name and also a full mirror on the inside lid, which the box is covering in this picture.
A few of the shadows do give a bit of fallout but nothing to bad that will damage your under eye makeup.
I recommend blowing the palette after use (if it is a personal palette) so your mirror stays clean.

flawless2 top 2These are the swatches from the top 2 lines.
As you can see the first 3 are not very pigmented but these are mainly creams, browns and burnt oranges.
flawless2 bottom 2These are the swatches for the bottom 2 rows.
These are pretty much all strong pigment and are more your darker shades of creams, browns, blues and blacks.
A good selection of colours again and all in one place for easy use, travelling or maybe holidays.
I can’t seem to fault Makeup Revolution on the eyeshadow palettes and I look forward to the next one being launched.
Click here to take you straight to this.
12592273_1739975866288786_6310316182823236673_nThis is the look for today using:
Top below brow bone.
Expert In the crease
Unconditional Corners of outer eyelid.
Faultless. On lid
Pure. Under eyebrow and inner corners of eyes.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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