One Year

Hi Beauties,
I didn’t post last week as it has been a disaster week. My phone decided to go for a swim and I thought that’s it, it is of to phone heaven luckily £65 later my phone is fixed but I can’t pick it up for a few more days. It has been so hard without my phone and I just lost all heart on photo taking, but fear not I will post lots more pictures next week lol.
So today’s blog is not on products but on me 🙂
one year ago today I wrote my 1st ever blog. I can remember this as clear as day too.
I joined a makeup chat group, where a few members are well established bloggers, I told them I wanted to blog but I felt I was to old. I am no 20 year old and I felt and sometimes still feel this is what people look for when reading blogs, is the younger opinions.
But after long chats and thinking long and hard about it, I decided to take the leap and sign up. I was so nervous about this that I kept it very quiet from people I knew and only my husband and children knew here. Everyone else was internet friends.
I love to write and always have done, but while growing up I was use to pen and paper not computer screens and keyboards when it came to essay writing and coursework, the teacher’s always knew my work because I always wrote with a calligraphy pen lol.
When I was 22 I started writing about my life as there had a been a lot of ups and downs,
this was a good way to release what was building up inside, I can honestly say it could have been a book because it was so long lol.
Anyway back to last year, I wrote my 1 st blog, 1st review then deleted it, wrote it again, yes deleted it and so on lol, I really wasn’t confident enough to do this, but this was the story of my life, never for-filling anything because I had no confidence.
In the end I gave myself a good shouting at and posted it. 1 hour later no likes, 2 hours later no likes, o nooooooooo what have I done, I have made a fool of myself doing this, then my 1 st like came and I think I did the o yes dance 🙂
The makeup group was a great support and gave me lots of advice and explained that this will take  some time to get up and running, I must  post often even if I wasn’t getting the likes and always be as honest as you can be. How true this advice was, each time I wrote my blog I gradually got another like or another follow and it started to build up. I love so much when people leave comments and ask for advice or give me advice, this is something I look forward to every time I post.
From starting the posts, my confidence started to grow, with this I decided to try youtube
now that was even harder because you can’t had behind the computer screen or the camera, so after another good shouting at I jumped on to youtube and again it was frightening but fun at the same time.
They say your 1st around 100 subscribers from blogs and videos tend to be friends and family. Well for me it has been a secret and I have only just let my family know what I have been doing so with any luck I may get some more followers here soon lol. I know 81 subscribers isn’t much but to me that is a lot of people enjoying watching my videos and as for my followers well today I am on 422 and again it may not be much to blog writers that have thousands but to me this has pushed me over the wall of happiness and helped me grow my confidence more and more each week.
I love doing what I do and I will carry this on for as long as I keep enjoying it and you guys enjoy reading it.
I am very proud of myself for getting this far but if you had of asked me this a year ago I would have said something far different.
Thank you for all your support, comments, chats over the last year and here is to another year of fun posts.
A few shout outs as it’s a special blog.
till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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9 thoughts on “One Year

  1. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary! 🙂
    I’m so glad your confidence has grown and you’ve overcome your self doubt! Do what makes you feel good and keep doing it.
    Glad your phone is ok! And thanks for the shout out! ❤

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