Jason & the argon oil

Hi beauties, the weekend is nearly here and I for one am looking forward to a relaxing one.


So today’s blog is about shampoo, not just any shampoo but a shampoo bar.
I have heard a few things about shampoo bars but they never really appealed to me, so on a nose round lush I decided to have a test of one and it felt creamy and smelled devine. So yes I popped one in my basket.


Jason and the argon oil Β£5.95.
Balancing and restorative, organic rose absolute.
Repairing and antioxidant, argon oil.
Uplifting and cleansing, sicilia lemon oil.
Toning and balancing, geranium oil.
These are just a few of the ingredients.
It’s so simple to use, just wet the bar and start rubbing on your scalp.







What a great shampoo, it was so easy, just rub it in and it just produces lots of creamy lava that really cleaned my hair. You know when your hair is clean because it squeaks and I have not had that for a while. It rinse well too, you could feel it just taking the dirt away.
Also what a shine, you could see the shine even while wet, it was clean and crisp while shining. It kept my hair grease free for a few days which is great as it frees me up for more beauty.

Upto now I have used it 6 times and still have around half the bar left.

till nx time beauties.
Always do what makes you happy.
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8 thoughts on “Jason & the argon oil

  1. Hi there πŸ™‚
    Thank you for liking my post about my May beauty favorites!
    I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this Lush bar shampoo. I have thought about buying one for quite a while and am quite curious about it.
    Have you also tried out the sea salt shampoo from Lush? That is one I personally really like!
    I hope you have a nice day!

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