Hi Beauties

Hi beauties,
It’s been a while, but I am ready to come back and get these blogs written up just for you guys lol.
I have so much to write about but 1 step at a time.
This is a small blog just explaining what’s been going on and how I feel so much better and refreshed to blog again.
Ok so 9 months ago I made a visit to the dentist as my molar was causing me pain. It was explained that I would have to go down the root canal road, which I had just gone through for a small tooth.
I was brave and went for it. At 1st they tried just taking the old filling out and renewing it, but it didn’t stop the pain 😦 so the root canal started. It turned out that they couldn’t get through the wall that was coating my unusually rare tooth (yes I said unusually rare tooth) lol. It turns out my tooth has a double wall and needed 4 root canals.
The 1st 2 appointments wasn’t a success and then the 3rd came and this was so bad I cried. They couldn’t get through and the pain they caused was awful, they brought in another dentist who too couldn’t get through the wall.
Finally 1 root canal done, 5 appointments later another root canal done and if you think that was a nightmare you haven’t read anything yet!!!!
Finally after a grand total of  9 appointments the conclusion was it needed removing.
I was being so brave and said ok do it now because I need this to be over, they got everything ready and did 1 last x-ray, that’s when they asked if I suffer with my sinuses,
omg yes for years I have suffered and my right nostril is always blocked. Turns out this molar was even more trouble because the bone wasn’t straight but curved and embedded in my sinuses. They had no choice but to refer me.
I finally got an appointment and it was agreed I needed to be sent to wonderland while they remove it.
All went well, I woke and was brought straight home to bed, I woke about 6 hours later and the 1st thing I felt was cold in my nose, I could actually breathe through it, wow what a feeling.
The next morning I went to work but my mouth started bleeding and I was sent home. I returned to work on the Friday but the pain was getting worse even though I was popping painkillers like smarties. I ended up having to see an out of hours doctor who prescribed me with antibiotics and painkillers. Saturday I was crying because I was so tired and in pain, every time I was eating my stomach started to hurt. By early hours Sunday I was calling 111 for advice as the pain was burning me inside and I was being sick even though I hadn’t eaten properly in days. I was taken to A&E and they discovered I was taking the wrong antibiotics and I am allergic to codeine.
Once on new tablets the pain subsided slightly but by Tuesday I was at the dentist crying.
Wednesday I had to have my gum cut and an antiseptic strip put inside my gum.
Finally I was told the problem with the pain, because it had embedded into my sinuses my face had shifted once the bone had been released and it was like going 10 rounds with Mike Tyson, ermmm yes. I was suppose to have been given a face strap to help ease the pain but they hadn’t bothered.
Now after all that I finally went back to work yesterday I am easing again but not healthy lol and have slight pain but that will soon go.
After finding out about my heart & the blood pressure then all this with my tooth and sadly losing 7 people this year I think my mind went blank and I was just writing for writings sake. I enjoyed the videos because they kept my made of things and instagram well I could hide behind that but my blogs took that tumble.
I am back now an eager to start blogging again this week.
So beauties I will be seeing you in the next couple of days with blog uploads and reading some of my favourite bloggers reviews that I have missed.


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