Hi Beauties
As you can tell by the title and picture this blog is on Zoella’s latest range sweet Inspirations.
I have just done a vlog on these products where you can actually see me testing them out
Zoella video If you do decide to watch please give me a thumbs up or even subscribe. I will say thanks now 🙂
Ok so I have not been into the Zoella range before but after smelling the spray my daughter got I really wanted to try this collection.
Unfortunately this was all I was able to get my hands on but it was enough for me to try them out.
I have to say straight away I do love the packaging style in this collection, it is elegant looking.
Firstly the smell is described as based on macaroons but for me I would say more cookie dough, which is what made me open my eyes to these lol.
It is not an over powering scent just a nice almost sweet scent.
BODY CREME  Buy here £5.00

This has to be top of my list out of these 4 products.
It has that beautiful scent, the creme soaks into your skin, no irritation,
doesn’t leave a shine and makes skin super soft.
The scent gets strong once applied to the skin and lasts a least a couple of hours.
Packaging is good, thick plastic tube but easy to squeeze, I did have a problem taking the silver cap off but once I had that off there was no other issue.
Well worth £5.00 in my opinion.

Bath Latte click here to buy £6.00

This is another product I really like.
The smell is strong in the bottle but once in the bath it is subtle, not strong and uncomfortable on you nose but  subtle enough that you can still smell it.
It is a thick formula which did surprise me because when you see it is a milk bottle style you automatically think milk consistency don;t you?
Once in the bath it really makes good bubbles, rich soft bubbles that feel quite moisturising, making the skin feel soft for ages. The smell attaches to you skin and it stays noticeable for a while.
This has half gone already and will be buying another one when this runs out.
The packaging is strong plastic bottle with plastic gold top screw on lid, just like a milk bottle. This type of packaging can be reusable once finished which is a bonus.

BODY FONDANT Click here to buy £10.00

This is the most expensive of the 4 products and I have to say I am 50/50 on this product.
The smell is really subtle which is a shame because if you want that scent all over then you need the body creme on 1st.
It comes with a sponge for you to apply it and it is so soft and super cute that I didn’t actually want to use it.
You do need to use the sponge though because it doesn’t transfers well from finger tips to skin, the sponge picks up the product well and transfers so much easier and blends great too.
Now this is where my second issue comes in, the shimmer, its hard to tell by the photos because the shimmer is also subtle and you do need to apply again once 1st coat has dried.
It gives a almost tan like colour to your skin and this maybe because I am very pale that the colour picks up more than the shimmer on me.
Packaging well just look at it, it is so beautiful, it reminded me at 1st back many centuries ago when I was a wee las lol my mum had this tub with a powder puff inside and you used it to apply the talc. It is cardboard but quite sturdy and doesn’t roll when standing up which is fun because this can now be an ornament 🙂
So I feel £10 maybe a bit pricey for what it actually does.

Sugar Dip. click to buy here £6.00.

I love bath salts, so not only did the packaging entice me but well yes the salts did too.
This product turned out to be my least favourite product out of them all 😦
Once I got this open it smells nice but again like the fondant just a slight smell.
I 1st tried this on my video and later tried it in the bath to see what happened and nothing happened. The salts don’t dissolve and you can feel them while trying to relax which is not comfortable. The smell well that just disappeared as soon as you added water.
Packaging is a no go ether, because it is a bath product bath rooms get hot and steamy ooooooo and because the cardboard is very thin it gets damp and now looks a bit limp on my shelf.
I cannot recommend this product for any of it’s qualities because it doesn’t have any I am sorry to say.
So there you have my opinions on 4 of the products from the sweet inspirations collection by Zoella. So depending on what you are looking for in a product these products are hit and miss but affordable that if you don’t like some of the collection, you have lost too many pennies.
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Till next time beauties,
Remember always do what makes you happy.


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