QI Best

Hi Beauties
Today’s blog is on these little beauties.
QI Best soft matte lip creams.
I first came across QI Best on Ebay about a year ago when they had liquid lipsticks for sale.
I bought a couple and gave them away straight away as they just wasn’t me.
So when these came out I passed on them, until I watched a youtube video,
I decided to give the brand another go, after all these are lip creams so fingers crossed.
I paid around 97p each and bought 7 just so I could give different textures ago.
It took 3 weeks for them to arrive, which is quite quick compared to some sellers.
They don’t come with names of the colours but with numbers, so if anyone is interested in a colour here are the numbers.
Ok so 1st of all I noticed they are not greatly pigmented but after the 1st coat has dried it is easy to top it up for a bolder look and looks less patchy. on most of the colours.
They are called creams but there is nothing creamy about them lol, they dry well so it is like wearing a good dry liquid matte lipstick.
They last all day too, which is what you want when buying lipsticks.
I enjoy wearing most of these on work days, when I don’t have time to put makeup on but want my lippie, because as you can see 1 coat is ok especially if you don’t have a full face on.
618 and 634 are the real disappointments. No matter how much you try to do another coat and another coat, it will not build up, which is a shame because I was being brave when I bought the blue.
They are very runny and little pigment makes these lipsticks more of a children’s makeup.
So to show you how long lasting they are here is the picture of me washing the swatches off.
As you can see most of them are stubborn little so and so’s lol.
After 5 minutes this is what I was left with.
I ended up using my lip oil, (review soon on that product).
So now your thinking because they seemed like the are stuck to my arm like glue, they would be too drying for the lips. Well actually you would be wrong.
I have worn 5 of the 7 before I did this review to make sure my findings where as they are now and I can honestly say they don’t dry or crack the lips, they are super nice and even more because of the price.
But with all matte lipsticks I do put a lip oil on in the evening to make sure the moisture is good for the next day, so if you decide to buy these lip creams, have some lip oil to keep your lips plumping with moisture.
Click HERE to buy.

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Till next time beauties,
Remember always do what makes you happy.


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