Bye bye itchy scalp & skin Hello Jojoba

Hi Beauties
It’s the beginning of what I have heard to be another hot and also muggie week.
I so need Autumn to hurry up lol.
Today’s post is a review on Eden Semilla Jojoba Oil.
Edens Semilla comes directly from  U.S. The company sell natural oils and serums. It is  cold pressed and unrefined. Cold pressed and unrefined are always the best buys.What does that mean? Using a careful pressing  procedure and ensuring that the temperature remains below 49°C. this helps  retain the natural ingredients of the seeds.
Jojoba is a fantastic multi-purpose moisturising oil. Among the benefits it helps  to control oily and acne prone skin and can help with eczema and hair loss.  Jojoba oil contains vitamin E and B complex, chromium, copper, zinc and iodine.
I always try my products over and over before I give my opinions and this was no exception.
At the bottom of the blog will be links for 50% off for 1st time buyers.
I have tried jojoba oil for my hair before, but it was just for the hair, where as this oil is used for healthy nails, irritation skin, even lip balm.
So you can see why I jumped at the chance to try a product that claims to do so much.
The 1st thing I did when it arrived was smell it, I do like to smell products it’s just a mad thing I do lol. It was really strange but the scent reminded me of oranges, it is just a subtle smell but yes oranges.
Ok so I started with my nails, I rubbed the oil on the cuticles and rubbed it through the nails, it left my nails soft enough to give them a clean and a nice slight shine to my nails.
I sis the same thing every day and by the 7th day I could see my nails looked better, they had a clean strong look to them, if that makes any sense.

Next was my hair, I damped my hair with warm water and used the dropper to apply the oil. I put the oil all over because I wanted to see how it worked on my scalp. Once applied I put a shower cap on my hair and left it on all afternoon approx 4 hours.

You can keep a towel on your head, some people use plastic bags but I find the shower cap easier to carry on doing my things without it falling off.
Now I didn’t hold out much hope with the ends of my hair because they are very split and dry and you can feel them crunch when doing my hair, I do suffer with bad frizz to being curly and I have learned over the years that if I want frizz free I need plenty of products to smooth it out.
I washed my hair with shampoo and warm water but could still feel the oil so I washed it a second time. While squeezing  the water out I could feel that squeak you get when you know your hair is clean, so decided not to put conditioner on so I could see how soft it actually made my hair.
Once I dried my hair I did the check list,
Soft to touch 10/10
Frizz calmed 8/10
Split ends better  8/10
Crunching feel 10/10 gone.
Was this just a first time use feeling??? I waited a week before trying again.
After the 1st week I noticed my scalp didn’t itch and alot of the dandruff had clumped and was falling away, leaving my scalp feeling light and clean.
After the 2nd time of using it I did the check list again and the results were the same.
Now I have to add my hair is in really good condition now and I am so pleased that every night when doing my skincare routine I apply a tiny bit of oil to the ends just to keep the oil helping the ends of my hair.

You can see by the 1st picture it helped put my natural curls back into my hair. The 2nd picture is how my hair has been for a long time.
Shine, less frizz, curls and softer ends 🙂
Finally I wanted to see what this would be like on the skin.
Not only and oil for my face but also the irritating itching I get every time I use just water in the bath or shower.
While applying to the skin, you can tell this is a good oil as it doesn’t leave that oily residue behind, it goes on easy and really absorbs into the skin.
After the 1st use on my itchy legs I noticed it was working so again and again and again, well every time I get out of the bath I apply this oil because I have not itching and really don’t want it back.
My face again it absorbed easily into my skin and really gave me a lifting feeling because there was no itching or irritation.After I had used this every day after a week my skin was looking more radiant and almost a plumping feeling too which is so nice and I swear the scar above my lip is looking well less noticeable.
My daughter has eczema and slowly but surely the marks and scabs are clearing which is a massive bonus for her.

This is a product that should most defiantly be in everyone’s bathroom cabinet.
With the multi uses it has a use for everyone.
£10.95 for 60ml bottle it is worth every penny.

Request an Eden’s Semilla Promotion Code – 1 Per Customer “Tell us which product you want 50% OFF”
Here is a link to our Amazon store front:


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Till next time beauties,
Remember always do what makes you happy.


One thought on “Bye bye itchy scalp & skin Hello Jojoba

  1. I adore oils, so multi purpose and the results are excellent. I like that Jojoba is the closest oil to natural sebum and it definitely helps my oily skin. I’ve never used it for hair though, I tend to use Argan Plus Synergy Precious Oil Elixir in mine and PK Elasticizer xxx

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