Relaxation Needed.

Hi Beauties
So just as I was ready to get back in to my blog writing my life got extremely busy (always something).
But as things are calming down again finally I can focus on what I love and that’s blog writing, making my videos and posting pictures on Instagram lol.
Blogs to come, well there is just so much, but I definitely want to write a blog on our spa day.
Me and two of my best friends had a nice spa day for the 1st time ever, you could say we was massage virgins lol. We surprised our friend for her 40th birthday and it was great fun.
I have been trying out jojoba oil by Eden semillia on my hair, nails and skin and can’t wait to give you the low down on that.
Lot’s of new make up and a favourites low down for half way mark of 2016.
Also plenty of skincare reviews and polish, we can’t for get the nails now can we lol.
So I better get on and get typing.
So as this is being posted I will be doing a blog post to get up for tomorrow yay.
I am going to get some me time later and get lot’s of blogs read that I have been popping in my read later box.
Till my next review Beauties


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