Let’s play

Hi beauties.
A little bit of a different blog today, this one is about me and my videos.
As you know I started youtube just over a year ago and I try and build on my channel each week.
It takes a lot of time for people who love writing blogs and making videos, because there is a lot that goes on in the setting up of what we are reviewing or videoing.
So for me each time I make a video I try and work on learning from each of my last videos.
I started with youtube with the intention of not actually putting myself on camera but just doing nails. This soon changed and I decided to be brave and go in front of the camera and wow I enjoyed it, so now am I always trying to think about what I could do better and videos people want to watch.
I have never been confident and always worried about what people thought of me, a year later and I actually sit and really watch myself when editing because I can laugh at my self in a good way now.
So why this blog well I wanted to share how things can change within yourself when you put your mind to things.
So I use to look in the mirror and think I was ugly and looked like a boy, yet now I look at myself and don’t think at all, I love what I see staring back at me.
I have an unusually large forehead and was always looking at how I can I hide it but now that’s all changed. I hated my skin because I have a red face and white body, who cares.
Style well I have since I can remember loved 30′ 40’s 50’s styles but never brave enough, so t-shirt, jeans and hair pretty much in a pony did me.
Ok so now that has changed and yes I still am shy and yes I still worry about what people think but only since I gained a lot of weight, which I am doing something about and went back to slimming world for me.
For a long time I thought nah I am to old for this and that but since blogs/vlogs I now don’t care and actually embrace who I am, how I look and what I want to wear.
If people stare so what, if people send me private messages that are nasty so what. I am me lol.
I decided to try a couple of new videos trying to do 50’s hair and make but have fun with it,
I loved it but not only that it has helped me more with hair and styles of make up and now I feel I want to change things more.
If you want to see the video’s here are the links.
Attempting 50’s makeup
Fun with hair
I always say “always do what makes you happy” and seriously I stand by this.
You need to work with what you have been given and learn to love it, once you have got that the confidence will flow.
Never been scared to make changes because without taking risks we can’t get stronger.
If you are happy it shows and helps positive vibes around you.
Ok so I have rambled on but I hope I managed to get what I was feeling across.
Love your self is the best most positive thing you can do in life, it just took me hundreds of years to realise this but if I hadn’t started writing blogs and then videos I would never have found this.

Don’t forget to come join me on youtube
My channel link. Videos uploaded regularly.

also on Instagram
@mrsdimplesb  Photos and mini blogs uploaded daily

and twitter
Till next time beauties,
Remember always do what makes you happy.


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