wipe it away

Hi Beauties
It has been one long week for us as a family, our eldest daughter got married. It was a wonderful day but now back down to reality lol. It’s blog time. +++++++++++++ So today’s blog is all about this little miracle I found on Aliexpress,. Menow Ultimate lip-n-oil. It took a while for me to make the choice to buy this because there wasn’t a lot of reviews around, it was only £1.87 so decided to take a chance in the end.
Like most products when I get them I always smell them 1st lol, this smell was defiantly aloe Vera, I read the ingredients and the main ingredient was aloe Vera. The first few days I just left it on my dressing table, putting aloe Vera on.
Ok so I will get to the point now lol, I popped it on my lips and it was oily, I am use to lip oils being thick but this was just oily, it just didn’t feel right. But with any products I get I do try a few times before I give in, so again tried it on my lips, nope didn’t like the oily feel. I tried next wiping my lipstick off, I had been wearing an Urban Decay lipstick which is easy to come off but always leaves a slight stain to my lips, it came off, stain and all in one wipe.
This got me thinking, swatch my hand with liquid lipsticks that I know are hard to remove or leave stains, I tried this and wow the swatches came off so easy. Now for the lips, putting on my Revlon 1st as this is hard to remove, yes it came off with one drop of oil added to a cotton pad and wiping left to right on my lips.
I now use this in my routine now every day. I find putting it on your lips on it’s own doesn’t work for me, but to remove the hard hard lipsticks this is the best thing ever. ++++++++++
I bought some QI Best matte liquid lips, these really need help to remove. So while doing the review for them I took so pictures for you to see how good the oil is at removing tough lipsticks.

After the 1st I used a 2nd time and this removed it all. I needed to use it twice I think because there was much more lipstick to be removed on these swatches.

dsc_1413.jpg I highly recommend this oil in everybody’s lip collection. Just click here to take you to aliexpress, pop menow lip oil in the search bar and off you go.

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Till next time beauties,
Remember always do what makes you happy


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