3 times the mask.

Hi beauties

I have been enjoying a bit of down time this week, not had to rush around everywhere, which has given me chance to relax and catch up on a few things.

Because I have had some time I managed to get my hands on the new loreal face masks. Loreal brought out 3 pure clay masks last month and they are £7.99 each, but boots have them on offer right now for £5.00 each.

The 3 masks have different qualities, Detox , purity and glow.
They all come in small glass jars with green lids, there is a nice elegant look about them, which is very appealing.


The one that caught my eye first was the Detox mask, it is a black clay and helps to detox the skin, help with pores and blackheads. It has charcoal as one of the ingredients, which is like a magnet for clearing skins impurities and it defiantly smells of coal, which in a weird way is what I like about this mask.
I used this down my nose and chin as this is where I suffer the most, the consistency is great, it is creamy and thick but very easy to apply. After 10 minutes you can see all the little pores, the mask turns grey as it dries. I found this really good as it helped make my pores seem smaller and the odd black head I had around my nose had disappeared. It didn’t dry my skin out are make it feel tight, you can feel it harden as it dries and once removed you can feel the freshness on your skin.
This was a bit mess to wash off, I 1st used a warm cloth and lay it on my face to dampen the clay, then wipe away, then I used an exfoliating sponge to remove the rest.
I thought this would be my favourite mask but sadly it isn’t, it is good but I prefer the green mask. I will keep using this till it has finished but not sure if I will purchase again.

The purity mask is green in colour, enriched with eucalyptus extracts to help with pores and purifies the skin giving at a matte look without drying you out.
I used this at 1st on my forehead and above my jaw line as this is where I get a lot of oil, I then used this on my nose to see if it helps with oil and pores.
What a mask, it is creamy and thick and easy to apply and dries a light green. This is by far my favourite of the 3, I love a mask that goes on cold and this really feels cold.
It dries pretty quick and smells floral, which surprisingly isn’t my favourite scent but with this mask I like the scent. It really does help with oil and doesn’t dry out at all.
It takes the longest to dry and I feel this maybe because of the oil on your skin needing to be soaked up. I felt like my skin was refreshed and clean and almost new again lol.
Easiest one to clean away too, goes on thick but comes of quick,  I only need to use my exfoliating sponge slightly damp and using circler motions it comes away in one wash. I know once I have finished this jar I will be repurchasing.

The Glow mask is a burnt orange/brown colour enriched with red algae. It says it has finely milled apricot seeds added but the really must be milled finely because there is no what I call exfoliating beads feeling in this.
This make is to help brighten your skin and boy does it do that. it has a thick consistency but a little harder to apply than the others, it needs at least 2 coats to get full cover as even though it is thick it is very water light.
I applied this to my cheeks and left to dry, it dries almost white in colour, it doesn’t dry you out and no tightness of the skin but this is a weird one when dried. It starts to flake away once dried so gets a bit messy, as I was using both the cloth and sponge it just kept flaking.
Now that’s the negative to this mask but the mess is worth it because it really does bring a bright fuller glow to your skin. It brightens my cheeks up to the point I couldn’t wait to try it all over my face.
Yes even more mess but o what a glow.
This is another that I will be buying again especially as the darker days are closing in, to help me feel and have the look of glowing skin.


As you can see by the photo my daughter loves using them too and tries to sneak a jar out of my room every week lol.

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Till next time beauties,
Remember always do what makes you happy


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