Slimming World

Hi Beauties
As you can see by the title this is a slimming world related topic.
I decided a few weeks ago to go back to slimming world as I felt I needed help again losing weight.
I lost a lot of weight once and it was a very hard journey, so went to slimming world and found this helped me ease the path to losing weight.
So I knew this was where I should be.
Our old consultant had left and the group had many other consultants, now they have a lovely consultant Vicky. She has a really sweet and bubbly personality, which made me feel at ease when I walked through the doors.
I say this because I felt like a failure going back having gained almost most of the weight I had lost before, but no, she was full of smiles, reassurance and words.
Most of the ladies I grew close to are still there but with many many more new people.
I felt right back at home on the 1st day, people are so nice and warm and really welcoming that I shouldn’t have had my doubts about going back.
Many of the people are target people and still go because it helps them maintain their weight, but not just that it is a routine now and you get to have a brew and a catch with everyone mid week (Wednesday) which pushes you along ready for the weekend.
Now let’s talk me lol
I am losing very slowly and have even had my 1st gain this week, but I know why I know to work hard this week coming. I feel happy doing small amounts as this is helping me day by day with my body pain. My pains are not down to my weight but it really doesn’t help gaining it all back. I still am feeling very self conscious but I know I will get that confidence back soon enough to be feel good about putting different clothes on again.
I now vlog my week every Wednesday afternoon I come home and edit and upload to youtube as this has been another good support system and I can also look back in a couple of months and remember how I felt when I get hard days.
You can see my journey by just clicking on the links down below, remember you can like or subscribe but leave comments as this really helps me.
Also don’t forget to chat here as I am going to try and update once a month in writing.
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Till next time beauties,
Remember always do what makes you happy


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