Autumn Nails with The Muppets

Hi Beauties
Hope you had a great week, I had lots of catching up to do and managed to get through quite a bit.
Today’s blog is all about Autumn nails.
I love the Autumn (Fall) season not just because of the weather and the darker nights are closing in but because of the colours.
Reds, browns, burnt oranges, dark greens they are all just like the leaves falling from the tress.
Today’s Autumn nails are brought to you from the Muppets O.P.I,.
I love how cute this little mini set is and the box well I love the muppets so it was a no brainier to have this set in my collection.
The colours I used are:
1. Kermit me to speak
2. Chilli’n like a villain.
Now I love O.P.I nail polish because they are always great pigmentation, glide on well to the nails and chip resistant for days.They have a wide range of colours to choose from and this collection is no different.
4 mini polishes of blue shimmer, pinky white tone,purple shimmer and cream white tone.
Perfect for day or night but perfect for me for Autumn.
These two colours are not bold but very light with a statemented natural look, even though purple is not a natural colour lol.
It is purple shimmer but has that iridescent brown running through it, depending on the light.
villian is a very light cream with a white over tone to it. At 1st I was sure on this on my nails but it works perfect with Kermit. I used nail art transfers for some leaves and Seche Vite top coat, which just finished them of perfect.
We all know how great O.P.I is at putting colours together for collections and this box is exceptional too. I feel sometimes when I can’t find my creative nail look I only need to go to some of my collections and bingo it’s there.
I will be posting more autumn nails as we go along with more comments about each brand I use.
but for now I will leave you ogling theMuppets collection lol.

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Till next time beauties,
Remember always do what makes you happy


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