Caviar ooo yes please

Hi beauties
today’s post is on Lacura caviar collection from Aldi.
There had been so many great reviews on these creams but sadly I wasn’t able to get my hands on them. The lady explained that because the are being duped for a £200 skincare range people are bulk buying and selling on ebay for ridiculous prices.
So now they have to sell them at the counter and even though it is now 2 per customer they still keep selling out.
Well I finally got my hands on them yay me 🙂
I have found 3 in the collection in our stores, day cream, night cream and 7 days intensive treatment serum.
I waited till I had finished what I was using at the time and then finally I got the chance to open them, smell them and try them.
I have been using them for a while now and boy am I glad I bought them
Now I am use to wearing serums before using moisturisers so this wasn’t a difficult choice to buy the intensive treatment, £7.99 for 7 day & 7 night vials, that can look expensive but believe me that is cheap compared to a lot of others I have used. The best thing is it actually lasts even longer and here’s why. It is impossible to use one whole vial up in one go, it is thick and absorbs quickly into the skin but there is a lot of product in a tiny space. I get 4 days out of each one, so for me this is 28 days worth, works even cheaper.
ok the serum doesn’t have a smell, looks watery in the glass but it actually is thick and you do need to tap it a bit, I use 2 drops on the tips of 3 fingers and rub onto the face, it soaks in quick so you need to do this in one go. once dry there is no notice of it on your face, some leave like a skin of film but this nothing. I can’t say this has worked miracles because to fix my problems you would need a miracle lol but it has made a difference, it feels soft and slightly plump, it has given me that glow back and this is what I really like about it.
Day & night cream.
With the cream I was a little worried because not only does it cost only £6.99 it has a perfume fragrance smell. But that didn’t stop me trying it, yes I was worried because we all know perfume isn’t good for the face. But once on it doesn’t keep the smell phew.
It is thick and a little goes a long way. So how did it feel, well it felt like a good expensive cream, it spread easily soaked in quickly and didn’t and doesn’t dry my skin out. No breakouts, just soft glowing skin that has given me a boost to smile and feel good about my skin. I was pleasantly shocked at how good this feels because like I mentioned the fragrance put me off.
The night cream is the same as the day cream, thick and creamy but leaves the skin soft. I love how my skin looks in the morning and with a splash of cold water I ready to put it on again.
This is most defiantly a collection everyone should own as it works for all skin tips,
for those on a budget it is worth buying and for those who don’t care about budget what are you waiting for? lol.
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Till next time beauties,
Remember always do what makes you happy


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