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Hi Beauties
Hope you had a good weekend.
Today’s blog is about a brand I hadn’t really heard of before Live Love London. Makeup Obsession.
This is a pretty new brand to my ears but it has been around for a while. It comes from the maker’s of Freedom London and Makeup Revolution.
Tam Beauty is a new website that has these brands in one place and now these beauties.
I heard this brand was being launched in Boots so off I went to have a look and of course I came back with a palette lol.
The great thing about this brand is it is a build your own palette collection, including eye shadows, blushers, contours and highlighters.
Palettes hold 6, 8 or 12 products which is nice having a choice of size.
A few different coloured palettes too including a beautiful pink colour, yes yes I grabbed the pink palette lol.
This beautiful palette holds 6 products. It comes with a full lid length mirror, which is perfect and big it is all so light weight and feels lighter than when I hold a compact mirror to do my makeup.
I chose to fill this with eye shadows well just because I don’t own enough all ready lol.
The shadows come in a single clear casing and the black square pops out with a push from underneath with your thumb. Pops into the palette just as easy as it comes out.
I have a little problem here though, because I am all fingers and thumbs when holding this it is very easy to pop the shadow out because there is no base to the palette.
On the other hand it shows you the names of each pan so really it is swings and roundabouts.
I went for light Autumn colours with one dark, just to see what they are like and to be honest at £2.00 a shadow it can be quite easy to get carried away, but no fear I was strong and stuck to 6 🙂
I chose: from top left
Creme Couture.  A subtle yellow.
Mood. A light brown/peach.
Starstruck. A shimmer burnt orange.
Lucky Charm. A shimmer light brown with a pink undertone.
Rich. A shimmer brown.
Treasure. A glittery charcoal colour.
There is a slight fall out with each powder, but they are easy to use and blend well. I find when using primer they last for hours, but if I am being lazy and pop it straight on my lids bearing in mind I have oily lids, it creases quite quickly.
So try to use a concealer or primer first.
As you can see by the swatch they have a good amount of pigment and are easy build able,
I tried with fix + and what a deep strong colour pay off.
So for £16 I got a beautiful pink palette, with a large mirror and light weight, 6 shadows that work nicely together and are easy to use and blend well together.
I really got value for money on this palette.
The beauty of it too is you can buy a palette and mix it up with contours, blush, highlighter and shadows for an affordable travel compact palette.
In my opinion Live love London got it spot on making your own palette at the prices they ask.
I have also uploaded my video on this palette and a quick eye look.
Video link

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Till next time beauties,
Remember always do what makes you happy


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