Genius little bottles.

Hi beauties.
Today’s blog is on Eden’s semilla Essential  oils range.
I was asked if I would like to review these bottles and because I knew how good their jojoba oil was I knew it was a big fat yes to trying them.
I was sent 12 bottles in all, 2 are sets and 4 singles.
So I was sent these nearly 5 weeks ago now and as you know I like to really test things out good before I give my opinions, so that’s what I did, test test test, such a hard life isn’t it lol
The sets come in a thick black box which if it had a bit of ribbon and a bow you could have a ready made gift there for someone, the bottles fit in snug so they don’t get knocked about and no sunlight. The 1st obstacle  for me was opening the box, it is tight and you do need patience but again I can see why they are snug. All bottles are therapeutic grade for aromatherapy, massage and diffusers and all are 10ml.
Ok so the 1st set contains:
Tea Tree
Lemon grass
Click here: SET 1 £7.50.
Ok so the 1st bottle I jumped at was the lemon grass because I do love that scent. I find cleaning with this great too. Add a few drops to water in a spray bottle from the £1 shop and your good to go. It is citric so helps knowing that when cleaning surfaces down it is killing the bacteria.
Rosemary I added a few drops to my normal shampoo along with tea tree to help with hair. It helps to make the scalp cleaner, non itchy and hair growth. I can’t say on my scalp now because I have been using jojoba oil but my husband said his scalp feels much lighter and hair less straw like.
Frankincense I feel is a male scent and my husband  likes this in the candle burner.
It can also be added to your face and body creams to help with wrinkles, dull skin and helps give a glow. I have tried this when a migraine is brewing by adding a couple of dots on the tips of my fingers and rubbing it too my temples. The feeling is strange but it really helped slow the process down which in return helped get my medication kicking in before the clusters started.
Tea Tree. This I started using on my daughter who was getting very upset about her acne.
Add a few drops to some water, dip in a cotton pad and wipe the skin. My daughter only likes to use it at night as it makes her skin too oily for school.
But there has been a visible lift in her skin.

This was after 2 days of using the oil, now her skin is almost clear. She is at school right now so forgot to get the 3rd picture.
The next  box set 3 contains:
Sweet Orange.
Sandal wood.
Again £7.50 for the set.
Sweet orange mmmmmmm just makes me want to eat lol. I have found this very useful because of it’s mood uplifting properties. I can use it just on a cotton pad in the morning or with my shower gel to really wake me up. Believe me this really does set the day off well.
I can’t seem to use them directly on my skin so they have to diluted or added to a carrier oil or you products themselves.
Eucalyptus & Peppermint have been a god scent.
As I am typing I am just a day out of bed from the flu and because I don’t own a diffuser I have a bowl with hot water in front of me, I have added these 2 oils and Rosemary as it helps with breathing and colds ect, Rosemary helps with the lungs and I need that so much right now.
Adding lavender oil instead of Rosemary or both is really nice at night time for calming and breathing ready for me to go to bed.
If you have a diffuser or candle burner, add Eucalyptus, peppermint and sweet orange or lemon to it with a bit of water and feel your mood lift up.
Sandalwood again I feel is a male scent, it is nice but just not me but this is really good for helping calm the nerves, de-stress so to speak. My daughter has been using this too in her room and she has said she feels a lot calmer but without the sleepiness. Because yes we started with lavender lol.
I also received 4 single bottles which one was the lavender oil.
I wanted to mention this one before this blog got way to long because well it just needed it.
I have tried many many many thousands of concoctions as an aid to help me sleep, but sadly they ether didn’t work or stopped working after a couple of weeks.
Well I can honestly tell you I have not slept as many hours as I have in the last month than properly my whole life lol. Jezzzzzzz this is some good oil, I tried doing the palm inhale 1st but found that it is too strong that it kicked off the pain from something else. I also tried the drops on my temples but again too strong but now I have found what works for me.
Every single night I get into bed, take a whiff so to speak deep breath and exhale and repeat 3 times. I normally lay awake a good few hours before finally drifting off and wake and drift and well you get the picture. Now I don’t remember falling asleep and yes I do still wake but not always, I ave actually slept a solid 6 hours a night quite a few times a week.
From the lavender alone you know this is a top grade oil and I it is a nice affordable price.
With all the different elements of use with all 12 oils there is something in there for everyone. I have only skimmed the surface of this and feel I should do a video explaining more or maybe do a part 2 blog. Not sure right now but I am sure of is these oils.
I am very thankfully to have been given the opportunity to try them because the benefits are far more than the pennies for these.

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Till next time beauties,
Remember always do what makes you happy


One thought on “Genius little bottles.

  1. ooo i have never come across this brand before! I shall take a look at their website now. I usually go to holland and barrett but they can be expensive and not always cost effective.


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