Heng Fang Lipsticks

Hi Beauties

Today I am reviewing lipsticks that are new to me. I have been using the site Aliexpress for quite sometime now and finding brands that I want to try, so when I find a brand I am not familiar with I google.
So today it is all about Heng Fang Lipsticks.
Ok so I can’t find the exact origin of the brand but it has come up a few times China.
They are inexpensive and it was the packaging I was drawn too rather than the lipstick lol.

As with all lipsticks I tend to buy 2/3 at a time so I can really test them out. The packaging surprised me because well for an affordable lipstick they ten to be basic plastic, but these are a very thick and tough white plastic that has some weight to them. The design looks like an old temple made to look like a dinosaurs home, hence there is a picture of a dinosaur also.
They are so cute but feel and look expensive.

Now the actual product, I had high hopes for these lipsticks as soon as I had the packaging in my hands, but sadly that was soon dampened. I bought 3 different colours

From Pink to red to orange.
First thing I noticed when swatching they are not creamy at all, they feel like a really cheap lip liner that pulls at your lips.
Second was they are not greatly pigmented, you do need a couple of layers for this to build up.
Thirdly  the colors are a bit off from what I ordered, orange has a pink tone, red has a pink tone and the pink has a lilac tone.
Even though I have said all that I still needed to try them out, so applying to the lips is slow because well they are not creamy, they don’t pull at the lips but they feel dry.
Once on the lips they do last a few hours, they don’t dry the lips out which is strange as they are a dry lipstick. Yes they are matte and wearable but I wasn’t satisfied. So next time I tried lip balm first then the lipstick over it and this helped loads, it went on smoother and felt a lot nicer. The down fall to this way is they don’t last as long. like with most sheen lipsticks the transfer is noticeable. But at least I feel a bit better lol.

I paid £2.49 per lipstick and in all honesty I have £1 lipsticks that work a lot better but I will be keeping them because well look at the packaging 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Heng Fang Lipsticks

  1. The packaging is cute! But I don’t trust Aliexpress for makeup… I’ve only bought brushes / tools off the site. I’m wary of the quality / ingredients in their makeup.


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