Stylepro brush cleaner.

Hi Beauties
Today I wanted to let you know about the Stylpro makeup brush cleaner.
I was lucky enough to be bought this for Christmas, before this I had seen the odd review on this and other cheaper versions.
But like always I do read reviews but I do like to try things out for myself.
I have already made a review video, so if you want to watch that click here

Ok so its hard to show how to use this in pictures but I tried my best lol.
This is what you get: A small glass bowl with rubber edging, hand device which takes 1 aaa battery, attachment, try of rubber holders all different sizes. I also got a bottle of the brush cleaner liquid as an extra.

first add just a small amount of liquid to the bowl and feel it with a small amount of warm water. Attachment then goes onto the end of the handheld device. Then you decide which rubber holder goes on to the brush and attachment.
I am washing a blush brush, eyeshadow brush and a foundation brush.

Dip the brush into the water then switch on, the brush will then start to spin and open up, this gets right into the hairs to clean off everything. I do this for about 20 seconds.
Then lift the brush up above the water and spin for about 10 seconds. This is now drying the brush. You need to be careful when using bigger brushes that you don’t hit the water when clicking on stop, I have done this a few times so it gets wet again lol.
It really does clean and dry within 30 seconds and my brush is clean and fluffy again.
Now for the real test, foundation brush. If you are doing a few foundation brushes either wash 1st and clean water or very last.
As you can imagine the water gets filthy.
water after cleaning foundation brush. Ok so I tend to have to leave these brushes spinning for about 1 minute because it has a lot to clean but it still cleans quicker than by hand.
My brush is clean and soft right through.

You can see how clean my brushes are now. This took me 5 minutes to clean, dry and take photos for this blog and put away.
I have 62 brushes and I use to just keep using clean ones instead of cleaning them, so when it comes to cleaning it took around 2/3 hours and leaving them to dry over night.
I cleaned all my brushes in 25 minutes and they all where pretty much dry. The flat eye shadow brushes don’t completely  dry but they are dry enough to use right away.
But now I probably clean about 20 brushes at a time and that’s what 10 minutes all in.

So the question is…. How much is this and is it worth it?
£50 is a lot of money when you can find alternative products but for me it has made my cleaning brushes so much easier that I don’t find it a chore anymore. To have something clean without scrubbing and dry without leaving over night I would say yes worth every penny.


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