Beauty & The Beast LIB time.

Hi Beauties
Today I wanted to share with you the Collaboration box Latest in beauty has brought out.
Now Beauty & The Beast is my favorite Disney movie so when I knew LIB was bring this box out I knew I had to buy it.
I have a monthly subscription with LIB and on top of the box you can also buy extra boxes that are put together in collaboration with who it maybe at the time.
So this box cost me £20 and to be honest I wasn’t actually bothered by what was inside lol it was the box I wanted, because it will make a beautiful keepsake on my side.
So my box arrived 5 days after ordering and I couldn’t wait to get it open, off upstairs I went and made a video which I have to say was probably the most excited mad filming I have ever done lol. Video here
k so I opened the box and it felt like it was singing to me lol. The box it’s self is made of strong cardboard and the beautiful design is embossed and relly looks like a book, which I find so nice and appealing.
The 1st thing I noticed when opening was how they had packaged it, with those wiggle paper worms and red material petals, this really is attractive.
I almost didn’t want to spoil it but then I was excited to see what was in the box after all.
This beautiful compact mirror, has a rose design on the top and latest in beauty on the bottom. Its not very heavy and does feel cheap, but having said that it’s light so handbag friendly .
Full size product and the cheapest I have found it is here for £32. Most places it is £40/45
that is really good for a £20 box.

Gatineau Pro-Radiance Enhancing Gommage

An exfoliator for sensitive skin, this uses a mild enzymatic formula to remove dead skin cells. No Beads which I really like. this gel formula is so gentle it can even be used over crows feet and around the eyes. Enriched with vitamin c to help boost skin’s natural defense.

This is 10ml sample size. Actual size 40ml and can be found here for £23.
That works out for this sample £5.25.
caudalie vinosource moisture sorbet
Reactivates skins hydration, helping to maintain the water in your skin. Helps to keep skin soft and subtle.

Full size product 3.4g. Cheapest I have found is here  for £9.99.
Burt’s Bees Lipstick. Blush Basin.
Hydrates and moistuises lips for 8 hours
Comes in 18 shades of satin-smooth colours, 100% natural ingredients, Creamy and lightweight feel, ideal for everyday wear.

This freaked me out a bit because well it is used in salons mainly in US and not widely sold here, so couldn’t find it cheap anywhere,
Amazon are selling it here for £69 yes you read right £69. 286ml
Ours is travel size and 43ml which would work out something pretty mad for this product.
Translucent spray cleans up dirt & oils in the hair. Helps hair feel thicker and cleaner.

Full size 30ml £8.00. product here
ample size 10ml £2.66.
I own a few of the sample sizes and they are a very good product.
Roses et Reines Hand & Nail Cream
shea butter and vitamin E, this light cream helps nourish, soften and protect the hands

Full size product. Find here £11.00

Betteraves Rouges Soigne
Up to 85% of Plant-sourced, natural ingredients
No harmful carcinogens (5 Free formula
No animal testing,


So 3 full size products, 3 sample/travel size products and a compact mirror.
All for £20 and the beauty & the beast keepsake box.
So what’s your favorite Disney film, leave me a comment down below.


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Till next time beauties,
Remember always do what makes you happy



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