I bring you Renaissance

Hi Beauties
been dying to get this blog post written but needed to hold back as you know I like to test things 1st so I can be 100% honest with what I am writing, but now I have had these over a week now as that is all I have been wearing on my lips I can share my thoughts 🙂
So today’s blog I bring you…….
Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipsticks.
Well 3 anyway lol.
I you watch my videos when buying lipsticks I tend to buy 3 of a collection, this gives me enough lipstick to try them out and see weather I would be buying more.
I am a big fan Makeup revolution as it is a brand that is so affordable, great quality and keeps up with what consumers are wanting.
I own quite a lot of lipsticks from this brand and at 1st it was so affordable I was able to build my collection and now I buy because they are great lipsticks.
Ok so 3 weeks ago MUR launched the Renaissance collection and I was immediately on the website checking them out. I loved the new style packaging and wanted to try them for myself.
The 1st thing I noticed when they arrived was they are not plastic casing, this is a 1st or this brand. They have brought out different shape, colour casing but always plastic. These are metal or tin maybe but whatever the material they feel great, heavy  and solid.
It straight away reminded me of CT brand lipsticks which was quite exciting lol. They have gone a little further on the packaging this time too but embossing the name on the lid and adding it to the inside casing. Just adds more class in my opinion and all this just £4.00 each.
So I bought 3 and here’s my thoughts.
1, Classic.
Red in color, this has no under tones it’s just a simple red which yes the name is perfect Classic red. Olden days film stars red lips lipstick.
This is the 1st one I tried as I do love a red lip 🙂 soft and glides on nicely, sheen finish and didn’t bleed into my pesky little lines on my upper lip lol.
I went about my day and just casually checking my lips every so often, as you do lol.
Yes it does transfer from lip to cup but doesn’t need that o quick I have ruined my lipstick look. I felt after about 3 hours I did need a top up, which is about normal on my lips.
2. Renew
A beautiful creamy brown slight purple undertone lipstick. Again no bleeding and not as sheen as the Classic. Soft and glides easy. A beautiful color that is not over powering on the lips, I like to think this is more of an elegant lip color and love wearing this with simple makeup looks.
Last around the 3 hour mark again.
3. Awaken.
A beautiful creamy brown nude lipstick. Again no bleeding and not as sheen as the Classic. Soft and glides easy. A beautiful nude that I have to be honest is my favorite out the 3. Who would believe that nude would be a favorite o mine, i you know me I am bold lip gal. But this is beautiful and goes with any makeup look and without makeup which is great because I get to wear lippie even on no makeup days Yes!!!
Last around the 3 hour mark again.
I have to say that Makeup Revolution have out done themselves this time on packaging and I swear they have changed the formula because as much as I love a MUR lippie these have to be the creamiest by far.
I am defiantly off to buy more of these, they are just perfect for this time of year 🙂

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Till next time beauties,
Remember always do what makes you happy




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