A whole lot of shine

Hi beauties
Today I bring you a bit of shine 🙂
Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighters.
3 in the collection and each cost £3,00.
Now I am no makeup artist and when names like strobing comes out it frightens me lol.
They keep bring new names out in the beauty world and to be honest now I have realized that strobe, highlighting, contour and bronzing well they are all pretty much the same things, one new name for one old way.
So at 1st when these started doing the rounds | was like ermmm no thanks still trying to get to grips with my way of doing makeup, but again it soon fell in that it was just a name and I can use it how I want 🙂

1. VIVID baked highlighter. Ever glow lights.
A white highlighter with a touch of sparkle. I wondered if this would be too much on me but its quite subtle. Yes you can use it as a white with not too much blending but for me I blend blend blend and it leaves my upper cheek bones blinging 🙂
A little powdery but so soft like creamy.
This is my favorite of the 3. This is a beautiful color and really enhances my upper cheek bones. I love to use this on my upper lip and cupids bow too as it is such a different color o shimmer I feel it really enhances where I put it.
Again a little powder fall out but so soft and feels creamy.

This is the one that really scared me lol well because I am so pale I thought this could end up making me look dirty. I used it when I was bronzing and with a bit more blend on top of my blend blend blend it actually turned out to be so nice.
This is going to be perfect for the summer tans.
A bit of bronzer then a beautiful shimmer on top just adds glamour to a days look.
Yep little fall out but like the others soft and creamy feel.

I think these are such a bargain at £3.00 each that you can’t go wrong buying them. a color for all looks, Lasts all day and even on a night out I come home and I am still shimmering .
I also think the swirl mountain bumps look of the product is attractive too, it really makes this seem like and expensive product.

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Till next time beauties,
Remember always do what makes you happy


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