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Hi Beauties
I was asked by Wikaniko if I would like to try Moringa Oil nearly 3 weeks ago, I should mention I am not being paid for this review and everything I write is my 100% honest opinion.

So as you know I absolutely love skincare and even more oils, so when I was asked I jumped at the chance to try something new. I quickly visited their here to read up on what I was about to receive.
The 1st thing that jumped out at me was anti-aging, well our eyes do light up at these words don’t they 🙂 Wikaniko’s Moringa oil is extracted from  fresh harvest of seeds to retain quality, potency and let’s to put this too the test.

I tend to use oils for a couple of months and then leave my skin bare for a while to eel the benefits of natural oils, so this came at the right time as I had finished my last bottle 6 weeks before.

The 1st thing I noticed was it.s color and texture, it comes in a thick plastic pump bottle and is almost a brown color and the texture is not like most oils I have used, it is thick with a slight out door fresh smell. I began by putting this on my hands, I always do hands as this is the quickest place to wash it off if it is going to irate. It disappeared without a trace on my skin, my skin just soaked it up and that was it, no oil dripping or oily hands, it didn’t irate or leave a burning feeling so I began using this on my hands day & night for a few days,I then added this to my elbows because this winter I have took a bashing on my skin 😦 I found after a few days use that the cracked elbows are back to my nice soft table leaners again 🙂 My hands are nice and subtle but then came the negative, this is lovely but it does make my cuticles look dirty, which really annoys me because I don’t want to wash my hands while the oil is getting to work.
Ok so now it was time to test out what I had been reading about how it can help itchy skin or eczema because of the anti bacterial and inflammatory properties.
When I shave no mater how I do this. what tool I use or creams ect I will still itch. Also at my monthly cycle my skin feels so itchy it is almost burning, my daughter has underlined eczema and suffers badly. 1st her hands within a week went from being old ladies hands to dryish with no cracks, after nearly 2 weeks her hands have softened up and now just little red patches.Her arms and legs took one week to clear up and now just little patches pop up here and there so she grabs the bottle and rubs it in again.
Since I have been using this I have had no major itchy fest, I still itch but noting like it was which is great. just a slight itch and its all over.
I also tried this on a bad patch on scalp ( I had already got a product ready for this) which nothing was even coming close to helping this sore itchy patch so adding this to my clean wet hair at the roots worked almost instantly.It is less sore and doesn’t itch, I just need to use it more.
Now I need to add I have used other  oils that work just the same but the lasting effects of this oil is good, it is strange that this doesn’t feel like oil on the skin, it feels like a thick cream was used so I don’t have to worry about it getting on my clothes.My face has been under stress lately and using my skincare just wasn’t enough, so I used this as a cleanser and over night oil and it has helped my breakout of muppet size spots came down and be less red.

Over all this is a great product to have in your skincare collection and even if you don’t use it every day just after a bath/shower your skin will defiantly benefit from this oil.

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2 thoughts on “Moringa Oil

  1. The plant moringa is very common here in Malaysia and popular among Malaysian Indians. My aunt has a tree in her compound and we often get the leaves and the fruit (vegetable in this case). The leaves are often made into stew with lentils. The vege is cut up and cooked into curries. Delicious and highly highly nutritious!

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